Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet Aaliyah

She's seven.  Craves one-on-one adult attention.  Really, what little one doesn't love the adoration and affection of their family?  

Except, this is different, because this treasured little girl doesn't have a forever family to give her the attention she needs.  This sweet girl is LONGING and absolutely craving for someone to care for her.  

Could it be you? 

Meet Aaliyah. 

Aaliyah, born July 2006 is an active little girl that is full of energy. She plays well alone and prefers not to be in a large group setting. Aaliyah likes one-on-one attention from adults. She loves to watch cartoons and play with dolls. Aaliyah also loves to swim and play outside. 

Aaliyah is curious, so she likes to explore. Aaliyah must be monitored closely, as she will wander off when things catch her attention. She has no boundaries and will leave with a stranger if not monitored closely. 

Aaliyah is a very sweet young lady who loves to be praised. She responds well to a behavior chart and regular praise. She longs for a family who will provide her the support and attention she needs to grow into an adulthood.

Friends, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  Families are inquiring about these Heart Gallery children because you are sharing their story!! 

I ask that you would please share Aaliyah's story.  Let's help this little one find a forever family so the draw of just anyone's attention is no longer needed. Pray for her to be connected with a family that will love, nurture, and care for her in ways that she will never have to question where she belongs or whether she is wanted. 

To learn more about Aaliyah, please head to her Heart Gallery page

Pray.  Advocate.  Share.  

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