Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 12: Over

On Thursday, I put up this post, joyfully awaiting my husband's arrival home that night after a really hard week.  

And then he missed his flight.  Which really stunk.  

He wouldn't be able to get in until lunchtime on Friday. 

I may have cried. 

On Thursday night, I became the lucky recipient of Tyson's virus which provided me with a fever, aches, and chills.  

Did I mention it was a hard week? 

Friday morning was spent trying not to get too close to J-man and infect him as well.  Which is obviously super easy to do with a two year-old.  

Brian walked through the door late morning and hugged me.  I may have cried.  A lot. 

Then my aching, feverish self went into our room and didn't come out until today.  

Today, I'm thankful that my husband is home, that J-man didn't get this dreaded virus yet (and hopefully won't), and that my fever is gone.  

And I am thankful this week is OVER.  

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