Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things: Baby and Toddler Edition

I'm at 34 weeks today with Little Miss.  (Keeping cooking in there, Baby Girl, please don't feel rushed.)

Birth plan is completed, Brian knows what to do when I'm losing my mind during labor, and Little Miss finally has a name, (but it's a secret til she arrives.)

And her nursery is. . . currently in use by big brother. Until Tyson and Jayden can sleep in the same room again without having Wrestlemania every night, we've got Tyson sleeping in the nursery.

So her poor room currently looks a little disheveled. . .

Since I purchased new curtains right before we found out we were pregnant, I refuse to buy new ones. But they aren't light-blocking, so obviously, the next option is to drape older light-blocking curtains over them.  Super cute.
That's not even her crib. But that is a new mattress for her, and one day it will be out of the box, when we actually assemble the crib that is sitting in our garage.
One painting has been hanging since we moved in. So there's that.   The rest of the wall decor has been sitting on top of the dresser.  For a while.  One day, it will hang itself.  (And the lighting in these pictures is atrocious, I know. Third trimester mama doesn't care. :)

If you've never seen the boys' room, I have to share- it was already full of football awesomeness when we moved in.  Just hung Daddy's football jersey on the wall and it was done! 

Since I've started thinking about all things baby again, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things for babies and some items I'm using with the boys currently.  

1. Fisher Price Rock n' Play
This is where Jayden slept for the first few months of his life and he loved it.  He was snug as a bug and it was easily mobile and could travel anywhere. (Disclaimer: At one point there was a recall on the item, so do your research and see if it's for you.)  We are planning on using the Rock n' Play for Little Miss for the first few weeks, IF I can figure out where it is currently is hiding in our house. 

2. 12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks of Age by Suzy Giordano  
The only book I completely read and then followed for sleep training my boys.  It's a short book and it was easy to understand and implement.  If you are a mom who likes routines and schedules, it's for you. We have had Jayden in our home since he was three weeks old and Tyson came home at 5 months.  I used this method on both the boys and they are great sleepers.  I believe a solid routine of sleep is one of the most important things for kids, as it is imperative in brain development and overall health.  The boys go to bed around 7pm each night and get up around 8am to 8:30am.  They nap for around two hours each afternoon.  It keeps Mama SANE.  Amen and Hallelujah.  

**I'm writing this with full knowledge that the feisty little girl I am carrying is made up of her mom and dad's iron will DNA and will most likely rebel against this said method.  I'll keep you updated. :) 

3.  Motorola MBP33 Baby Monitor and Camera
I realize that not everyone needs to watch their baby or toddler during naps or at night. But I have thoroughly appreciated having the ability to see when one of my two year-olds has lifted off the air conditioning grate once again and is about to put body parts or other inanimate objects down the hole. It also gives you the option of adding another camera, so you can watch two different rooms. It's expensive, but in our house, TOTALLY worth it.  

4.  OK to Wake Clock
For toddlers who have a hard time staying in bed once they open their eyes, this is a great option.  I set the clock each night and before nap time and when the clock turns a bright green light, Jayden is allowed to get up out of bed.  It is a simple concept and he doesn't have to understand time in order to follow directions. 

5.  Shea Moisture Mango and Carrot Extra-Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner
Basically, the best smelling stuff. Ever. You will annoy your children by burying your nose in their hair for long periods of time. I use this to wash the boys hair, which is typically just once or twice a week.  You can find Shea Moisture products at Target. 

6.  Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
On a daily basis, I put this curling creme in Tyson's hair, as his a softer texture and often grows a little longer than Jayden's. Again, it smells DIVINE.  If you put it in your child's hair, know that people will want to come and snuggle with them because they smell so good. 

7.  Rodan + Fields Soothe Regimen for Sensitive Skin
This is my new favorite for Jayden's eczema.  We have battled with this since he was really little and have tried SO many different over-the-counter lotions, creams, gels and also prescription steroid medication.  His little legs and elbows are always dealing with rough, itchy patches that leave discoloration and scarring.  I started him on this Regimen five days ago and it has already made a crazy difference in his skin.  It's not healed completely yet, but we are headed quickly in that direction and he isn't itching anymore.  Plus, it's really gentle, smells great, and is not a prescription medicine that can have other side effects.  

Five days into using the Soothe Regimen.  

Those are just a few of my favorite things! Now it's time to get two of my other favorite things up from their nap.  :) 

Have any favorite items you want to share? Especially when it comes to all things little girl? Leave a comment, I'm all ears! 


  1. I'm gonna look into that clock for my oldest. I'm hoping when baby three arrives he'll be a little more independent about taking his nap on his own and I'm sure his sister will want to follow his lead just like she does with everything else.

    And gonna give that book a try. I feel like our two 1/2 year old and 19 month old just got on a good schedule now that my two yr old is going to "school" three mornings a week. It's partly because we all shared a one bedroom for two years so that made a good sleep schedule hard to come by, but also I was so young and scared when my first was born. We ended up co-sleeping not so much because of him, but because I would constantly wake up thinking he wouldn't be breathing (no an overprotective mess there right? lol). But, with # three on the way I'm older, hopefully wiser, & I've come to appreciate having an hour or two before bed with just hubby so we can reconnect after our day and do devotions. Praying this new baby just kind of hopes into the family schedule (I can dream right ?! lol)

    My baby must haves would probably be:
    • those little gowns boy or girl for when they are first born and constantly needing clothes changes (spit up), diapers changed, and their belly button is still healing.

    • a good baby carrier like a sling, moby, or an ergo. My last two started wanting to explore way earlier than my friends kids so I didn't get as much use from them, but they are great the first six months of their life when they want mommy all the time and the toddler thinks they are a play doll. lol Also, I never could have survived shopping trips without them & they're great for discrete breast feeding!

    • a nursing cover. I made is 14 months breast feeding my daughter and I am really blessed to say we made it that long because I had supportive friends that didn't act weird about me nursing with the cover on (obviously for modesty shake I wasn't comfortable nursing in front of company without one). I was able to stay and be apart of the conversation and didn't have to go hide for what seemed like forever in a room by myself that way and that was a big help with staving off depression or baby blues.

    • this one is a little gross, but the nose clearer bulb thing the hospital gives you. They ones from the store never worked as well.

    • the natural gas/colic relief for babies.

    • the video Happiest Baby on the Block. They dr in it gives magic tips for a fussy baby. It seems crazy some of the stuff he does, but it works and I swear by it.

    And that's all I know for sure. Both my past two have been a little different with what we've been able to afford, had room for, or the baby even liked so it changes.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    1. This is great, Lynn! Thank you and congrats on Baby #3!!!