Monday, September 1, 2014

It Started With An Email

It's September! That means college football, boots, and pumpkin spiced everything. 

It's also the first month that I get to advocate and support a family currently in the adoption process.  Exciting! 

Let me introduce you to the Sykes Family. . .

Here's what makes them awesome.  Seriously awesome. 

In November of 2012, we were finalizing the last parts of Tyson's adoption.  It was just a matter of weeks before we'd be getting a call to travel to the DRC to bring our son home.  After two years of starts and stops, praying and hoping, it was almost time.  Even with two years of saving and fundraising, we were still going to be a few thousand dollars short of the last-minute plane flights and lodging costs while in country. 

Enter Jessica and Greg Sykes. 

I received an email from Jessica, a fellow adoptive mom and reader of the blog that November.  We had never met or communicated before, but she and her husband felt led to offer to do a fundraiser to help us with travel costs. 

In that following month, the Sykes hand-made hundreds of beautiful Christmas ornaments for our friends and family who ordered and shipped them all over the country.  Over $2,000 was raised through that fundraiser. Please, please, please read more about the story here.  It was one of the most humbling and amazing gifts we had been given while in the emotionally- tolling adoption process. 

A month later, I was able to hug their necks in person at the Atlanta airport as we re-entered the country with our new son. After twenty-five hours of plane flights, I'm sure our first conversation was filled with me mumbling incoherent sentences of appreciation for them. 

At the end of this month, Jessica and Greg will be traveling to another state to be at the birth of their second baby.  They are hopeful and nervous, and just like we were two years ago, getting ready to make last-minute travel plans as soon as they get the phone call.  The Sykes are currently raising the final funds to travel and stay in the state with their new baby for a few weeks while paperwork is completed. 

I am super honored and excited to highlight Jessica and Greg as the adoptive family that we will be donating toward this month!  They were the first family who came to my mind when I launched this business and the timing of their second adoption has worked perfectly. 

So, here's the deal. . .A percentage of the profits from all Rodan + Fields purchases (ordered through my website) in the month of September will go toward their adoption expenses.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, head here first.  

If you are looking for a new skin care routine or tired of dealing with consistent acne, sun damage, facial redness (eczema and rosacea) or fine lines and wrinkles, this is a GREAT month to try something new.  

It has been fun to see friends using the products and raving about the difference in their skin in just a few months. I'd love to answer any questions about the regimens, price point, or ingredients you may have.  Contact me at leslieharris77 (at) gmail (dot) com. 

This is not about to become a blog about a business, I can promise you this. But each month, I will be sharing about an opportunity to partner with a family through your purchase. 

Jessica and Greg came around our family at one of the most stressful times in the journey and blessed us immensely.  I am humbled to be able to play a small role as they welcome another sweet baby to their family.  

Would love to have you join me in blessing this amazing family! 

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