Adoption Timeline

12/6/10 Emailed application to OWA

12/10/10 Accepted to the DRC program with OWA

12/15/10 Started the Home Study process

3/4/11 All backgrounds and clearances finally come in! 

3/20/11 First Home Study visit

3/23/11 Second and final Home Study Visit

4/20/11 Home Study Approved! 

4/26/11 Mailed our I600a form to USCIS

5/14/11 Received our appointment for biometric fingerprints

5/19/11 Biometric fingerprints- completed! 

6/17/11 I600a approval and dossier submitted.  On the 


7/1/11 Number #20 on the waitlist

7/28/11 Number #13 on the waitlist

8/15/11  Number #6 on the waitlist

9/22/11  Number #5 on the waitlist

10/4/11 Number #4 on the waitlist

2/1/12 Switched agencies to Lifeline 

4/1/12 Update homestudy complete after the addition of our 
foster baby

8/1/12  Left Lifeline and signed with DRC Adoption Services

8/10/12 Accepted Referral of infant boy!

8/31/12 Issued Abandonment Decree and Consent to Adopt

9/21/12 Passed Court

10/15/12 Birth Certificate and Act of Adoption received

10/24/12 End of 30-day non appeal period. Tyson Henry is a WORD!

11/7/12 Passport is issued

11/8/12 Submit I600 

11/27/12 I600 is approved

12/10/12 Embassy appointment

12/26/12 Visa is issued

12/27/12 Arrive in the DRC

12/28/12 Meet our son for the very first time! 

1/9/13 Exit letter is issued

1/11/13 HOME!