Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7: Sharing Their Stories

I've had the honor of posting the stories of waiting foster children in Alabama over the past few months.  According to a recent article in US Today, the average age of a child in foster care nationally is  8 1/2 years old. The older they are, the less likely they are to be adopted. 

The good news is that adoptions are RISING in the United States for children who are currently waiting for families. However, as of 2012, there were still 101,000 children without forever homes. 

A friend on facebook posted this status today:
~Talked with a former foster child last night who told me she "never had the privilege of being adopted." I'll never forget that.~

What if there were more families out there who viewed adopting an older child as a PRIVILEGE??? 

Today, I'm thankful for: 

~Amazing organizations like Heart Gallery and Adopt US Kids who advocate for waiting children. Over 20,000 children photolisted on the Adopt US kids website alone have found forever families! 

~YOU. Your willingness to share these children's stories through social media has resulted in serious inquiries made on some of the waiting children from the last few months! Children have potentially found their forever family because you took a minute out of your day to share their story.  That is AMAZING! Just sharing their story could change the course of their future!  

Friends, may we not forget the 100,000 children waiting across the United States for a family. 

Please, please, please keep sharing their stories and their faces.   


  1. Love your heart Leslie! I'd love for you to do a guest post on adopting through foster care some time on my blog. We should talk :-)

    1. I'd love that Tessy! We still haven't adopted yet- in the long, long process of getting to that point. :)