Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9: Ants in My Pants. Literally.

Day three of solo parenting.  I'm losing, people. 

Tyson is pitifully not feeling well and has needed almost constant snuggles or attention. 

J-man is a little confused.  He doesn't understand this whole, "please don't hug your brother," mantra that his mama has used this week. Any other time, she's begging for him to hug it out with his brother.   Poor guy does not get this sudden turn of events. 

One of the dogs keeps peeing in the house.  I can't figure out who. But I have my suspicions (and it rhymes with Randit. )

I put Tyson down for a nap today and headed to take a shower for the first time this week.  Made it a foot into the bathroom when I noticed a lot of movement on the floor.  

Ants.  Ants everywhere.  

Ants in my pants.

Literally.  I had a few pairs lying on the floor. 

Ran to get the only thing I knew would help.  Windex.  Thought I killed them all.  

Then saw some in my closet.  For some reason, that was what drove me over the edge.  It's one thing to enter my bathroom, but don't you dare enter my closet. 

Full on sobs. 

Called Brian.  He calmed me down slightly and went to call our pest control guy.  

Found ants in our bed.  Another breakdown. 

(Had this incident occurred separately from the rest of my week I may have responded with much less dramatics.  Or not.  Hard to tell.)

Pest Control guy showed up 45 minutes later.  Squirted and sprayed some death potion and left. 

Threw my ant-infested clothes and sheets in the washing machine and set the water temperature to 4,000 degrees.  Die, suckers, die. 

I can't stop itching.  

Did I mention my propensity for dramatics today?

Today really stunk. But seriously, when put into perspective and compared to the most of the earth's population, I have NOTHING to complain about. 

We were able to have someone come fix our ant problem within an hour.  

I have a washer and dryer available inside my house.  

I have hot water.  I have CLEAN water.

I have a bed.  

These are first world gifts that I do not deserve but yet have been given. I take them for granted FAR too often.  

Today, I'm thankful for first-world conveniences.  I'm reminded that I have been blessed with much and therefore I have much to give others.  May my life, my resources, and my earthly possessions be used for more than my personal gain and comfort.  

(P.S. The above statement does not apply to the ants.  They are not welcome to any of my possessions or my home.) 

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  1. Oh Leslie. I feel your pain. It always seems that when things get crazy over here Satan always throws a bug (or a thousand) into my path and I loose it.

    Sorry about the ants. Really, I am sorry.