Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8: Last Minute Hero

I started my 31 days of Thankfulness with this blog post last week.  My husband questioned why I was doing this in October instead of November, which surprisingly holds a holiday with a similar name.  

I fully realize I'm a month ahead.  Clearly, not all of my life choices are based on the way the rest of the world works. :) AND I purposely chose to write about Thankfulness this month because of our difficult summer combined with my ugly tendency to lean toward the opposite direction-- complaining and whining. 

Last week, as I wrote about in my posts, I had some tough days with my little ones.  Or so I thought.  Those days were NUH-THING compared to yesterday. 

I left Brian with the boys over the weekend.  According to his report, they did well and even slept an hour longer than usual.  I said goodbye to Brian yesterday morning as he left for a work trip and two seconds later, Tyson wakes up with a high fever. 

What. in. the. world.   

Poor baby was absolutely miserable and got progressively worse throughout the day.  He cried when I had him in my arms and cried when I put him down. He just couldn't be comforted.  I wanted to get him into the doctor, but couldn't take both boys because: (A.) I've not completely lost my mind yet and (B.) We had a large delivery coming to the house and someone had to be present to sign for it. 

Yesterday, with less than an hour's notice, I called my friend Heather to help.  She's the kind of friend who selflessly and consistently helps so many people around her.  Heather headed over to watch my 23 month-old, J-man, who may or may not currently enjoy picking things out of nose and trying to eat bugs he finds on the floor. (It's protein, right?)  

Almost two hours later, I finally got back home with a doctor-certified, pitifully sick baby.   Heather was somehow still smiling and playing with my toddler, who at that point, was seconds away from throwing an epic tantrum over having to get off Daddy's lawnmower and come inside the house.  

I'm so thankful for "the Village" in our life who step in and help when I'm floundering. I'm grateful for other friends who know the current situation and have offered to help as well throughout the week.  I've written about them before, but my goodness, with our extended family living so far away, our Village is the only thing that maintains my sanity some days. 

Here's to hoping the week gets a little calmer! 

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