Friday, September 27, 2013

Travels and a Little Lyme Update

My husband has a life-long dream to see a football game in every NFL stadium.  I don't necessarily share that dream.  But, I do love that man of mine and I do love SOME of the cities where those football stadiums are located.  Each year, we take a weekend trip to one of those cities that has a team and that I find appealing.  So far, it's worked out well.  We both know that eventually we'll run out of fun cities and he'll be traveling to Detroit and Minnesota by himself to watch a football game.  

This past weekend we headed to Dallas to catch a Cowboys game and see the city.  Let me clarify that I went to the game under protest.  I was raised right outside of Philadelphia and have been an Eagles fan my entire life.  That automatically makes the Cowboys one of my least favorite teams.  After enduring watching a game in which the Cowboys won easily, we then waited for an hour and a half afterward to see some of the players.  The things I do for that man. 

The day before we left for Dallas, I had a follow-up doctor's appointment in Atlanta.  Many of my levels had improved.  Based on my first test results in July, my body was behaving like I was 60-65 years old.  This time, I was in the 30-35 year old range.  There are three strands of Lyme still hanging out and a pesky parasite that hasn't gone away yet, but the Doctor was pleased with my progress.  From the very beginning, he's said to expect the treatment to take 6-9 months and I'm about half-way there now.  I decided to throw my gluten and dairy free diet out the window for the weekend and I went CUH-razy.  It was glorious. 

For the record, I also ate meat and vegetables, but they are much less exciting in pictures. 

It was a wonderful weekend away for us and my saint of a mother-in-law and her sister took care of the boys while we were gone.  As to be expected, J-man got sick 2.2 seconds after we walked out the door and stayed sick all weekend.  After some sleepless nights and long days, they cheered when we got home on Monday night. (They also had the car packed to head home immediately. Bless their hearts.)

We've already been Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Nashville for NFL games.  San Fran, San Diego, Boston, and Seattle are on the list in the coming years.  

Any other must-see NFL cities out there? 


  1. Cincinnati! Come to Cinci - PLEASE <3

  2. That may be on our list too! My husband's former college teammates live there, and knowing you are there makes it doubly enticing!!!

  3. The BEST NFL stadium ever.....the New Orleans Superdome!!!!!