Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet Acacia

I've written about the Reality of Aging Out of the foster care system in a previous post.  For children without a permanent family, the statistics associated with life after foster care are grim. There are not adequate resources in place to help successfully equip the thousands of teens who end up on their own each year.  

Everyone needs an ally in their life. Someone to lean on, cry with, and to help them dream as they head into adulthood.  

This week, the Heart Gallery of Alabama child is Acacia.  She's beautiful, intelligent, and hoping for a forever family and a teenage girl.  She's facing some tough odds simply because of her age. 

But I believe she is the perfect fit for a family.  Just ONE family.  That's all it will take to provide her with security and a place to call home. 

Meet Acacia. . .

Acacia, born January 1998 is an outgoing and personable young lady. She enjoys attention she receives from others and takes pride in her appearance. She enjoys making new friends and adjusts to new situations easily. Acacia is very artistic and enjoys working on arts and crafts projects. She has very good verbal skills and has the ability to do well in school when not distracted by others. 

Acacia requires close supervision and needs to learn appropriate boundaries with males. She will need to be monitored closely, as with any teen, with electronics. 

Acacia is the oldest child in a sibling group of 6 children. While she has met all of her siblings, she does not maintain regular contact with them. Three siblings have been adopted and two are with relatives.

If you are interested in learning more about Acacia please head over to her page on The Heart Gallery of Alabama.

If you would like more information on available waiting children in the state of Alabama, please head over here

Friends, let's advocate, pray, and share Acacia's story to help her find a forever family. 

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