Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm retreating. Who's with me?

It's been a doozy of a week.  

After being in the adoption process for over a year now, I've experienced the emotional roller coaster that it can be.  

But being a foster parent has brought a whole new definition of emotional roller coaster.  This week I feel like we have been on one of those twisty coasters and we got stuck at the part where we are hanging upside down. 

I'm ready to get down now. 

The goal for children in foster care is permanency.  Ideally, that would be back with their parents.  If that is not an option, then it would be permanency with extended family that can support them.  And if that isn't an option, then permanency with an adoptive family. 

This week has brought some new developments in baby J's situation.  Almost daily, we've been presented with a new potential situation for his future and it's been emotionally draining.  

We aren't surprised by what's unfolded, we knew going in that there were many variables that could play out over the course of our time with him, or any child for that matter.  

But that doesn't mean we aren't emotionally exhausted from the "what-if's" in his situation. Though it looks like things have stablized for now, there is still the potential that we can get a call today, next week, or next month that they are coming to get that sweet baby and move him. 

And that's difficult to wrap my head around. 

We love this little guy and want the best for his life.  As foster parents, we don't have a lot of say in his future,  so it's a lot of listening to the social workers, taking deep breaths, and praying for the absolute best placement for HIM.  Not for us.  

Easy to say, not so easy to accept, if it's not with us. 

Deep breaths. 

So, after the week it's been, I'm really excited to get to join 400 other women at the Created for Care conference in Atlanta this weekend.  

I went last year and it was a HUGE encouragement for me as we had just started the adoption conference. 

I'm joining seven other women from Montgomery to head up to Lake Lanier tomorrow for the conference...

 Is anyone else in bloggy world going to be there? I would love to meet you! 


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  2. John and I love yall sooooo much!! You've been in our prayers and thoughts ever since you started your adoption paper-chase and those up and down mountains. And, of course, as you love on that sweet baby in your arms and home right now. I soooooo wish I could give you the gift of my heart......a wonderful adoption experience. I have no secrets to why ours was a good thing......I'd share in a minute if I could. Have an awesome weekend!! Should we check on Brian as he does solo parenting while you're away??
    ---paula xxoo

  3. Keeping you in our prayers. It is such an emotional roller coaster being a foster parent. Especially when you really have no say in the situation. The best thing you can do is what you already are doing, praying for what's best for Baby J and living your life one day at a time. It seems that you have a wonderful support group around you.

    We live in NM, so I am sure that your State could be very different, though we get a 10 day notice prior to any change in the placement, unless the Judge rules on the matter. It doesn't take the pain away any easier, but you atleast know ahead of time and can try to prepare. We send letters, photos, and thier life book updated.