Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FAQ's: Burning Questions About Our Move

In just a few days, we're heading up the road to Asheville as a family.  

It'll be the typical circus as Brian will pull a Uhaul and bring the two dogs with him, (one of whom is a nervous, pukey rider).  I'll be driving by myself with the two little ones. Inevitably, someone will throw a toy out of arm's reach in the first five minutes and scream about it for the next four hours. 

Good times. 

We've gotten lots of questions about our move and the future.  Here are some of the more popular ones we've been answering. . .   

1. What is TD going to do?  Before we could consider taking the job, we needed to get TD's thoughts on moving.  From the first conversation we initiated with him, TD expressed to us that he wanted us to take the job.  He was excited for us as a family and knew it would be a good fit.  However, he personally wasn't ready to go.  He has four months left of high school and wanted to finish school before moving. We totally understood he choice and started praying for a family that would be able to offer a good short-term fit for him.  Just one day after we accepted the job, a place for TD to finish out the school year was figured out. 

Over the course of the fall semester, he had been spending a good amount of time with the new children's pastor at our church and her family.  He would consistently express to us how much he enjoyed being with the family (and he's not one to express ANY emotion.)  It was a clear choice for us to ask them to consider taking in TD for a the remainder of the year.  They are former foster parents and have invited quite a few teens into their home over the years.  They readily agreed.

TD is excited about moving in with them and will stay until he graduates at the end of May.  At that point, he'll decide whether he is going to move in with us and work or go to college/trade-school full-time or head out on his own. 

We are so proud of him and can't wait to see him walk across the stage to receive his hard-won diploma in a few short months! 

2. Are you going to work in NC?  Nope and I can't wait! I've worked full and part-time for the past three years at a wonderful and super-supportive non-profit in Montgomery.  This will be the first time I will be able to be at home all day. Looking forward to not rushing out the door every morning trying to scramble dropping off the boys to daycare and still make it to work on time.  Being home full-time is going to have its own set of challenges, but I am excited about the ability to have regular play dates and form connections with other moms in the area. 

3.  What is the name of the church?  Biltmore Baptist 

4. Will you be closer to your family? Yes, another huge plus for us.  My parents will be within one day's driving distance now and Brian's family is at least an hour closer.  Added bonus: Knoxville, TN is only two hours away.  Easy driving distance from Brian's sister and her family and UT football games. 

5. Are you going to be foster parents in NC? At some point, probably yes.  But for now, we are not going to pursue anything. These past three years of our international adoption and foster care process have been so very stressful and emotionally tolling on us.  We are excited about the opportunity to take some time to exhale and just enjoy the family that God has given us.  

6. Will you have room for visitors?  Yes!!! Just know that the guest room is five feet from the boys' room. And they wake up jumping and yelling.  Loudly. 

I know y'all just couldn't sleep at night without those answers.  

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  1. I'm excited for your family! Asheville seems like a really cool, hippie town. And mountains (my favorite)!! Will you be freaked out if an almost-stranger wants to come and visit you?? Lol! Best luck with the move!