Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Let me clear things up real quick. (Because I know some of your minds already went there!)

This is not a post about a new addition to the Word family. 

This is a post about a word.  My word. 


Eager anticipation for the future.  Hopeful.  Excited for what is to come. 

It's a word that I'm loving as we head into 2014.  

It's no surprise that this past year was one of our best and one of the toughest we've ever had. 

We are coming out of 2013 absolutely exhausted. 

From adjusting to life with two toddlers, being diagnosed with Lyme, months of uncertainty J-man's future, Brian's hectic schedule, little ones who stay sick consistently, we are weary.  


It's a word that has been pressed on my heart as we delve into a new chapter of our life. 

We are entering 2014 hopeful for many things. 

  • Rest and reprieve 
  • A definitive answer to J-man's future
  • Full healing of my Lyme Disease
  • Renewed vision of our purpose as a family
  • TD's graduation from high school

2013 was a year full of extreme highs and difficult lows.  We rejoiced at the arrival of our son Tyson.  We sat in anxious uncertainty for months over J-man's situation. We were reminded daily of the beautiful gift of our three boys. We struggled to understand why I would be hit with debilitating joint pain at a time when I needed my health the most.  We have had new and exciting opportunities presented to our family.

We have trudged through the valley and shouted from the mountaintops this year.  We are grateful for the journey, but relieved to have put that leg of the adventure behind us. Through every single minute of the last 365 days, we have never doubted that God is near.  We have questioned timelines, circumstances, and outcomes, but we have not once wondered whether He is good.

I'm heading into 2014 with many more gray hairs, a few more wrinkles (I'll call them Love Lines), eyes going a little wonky (thanks Lyme), and a house full of energetic boys (putting it mildly)

Ready for 2014. 

Is there word you have chosen for the year? I'd love to hear about it!