Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankful it is O to the VER.

I will end my goal of writing about 31 Days of Thankfulness by stating that I am thankful October is O to the VER. 

November, nice to meet you. Your neighbor, October, officially kicked my rear end. We are no longer friends. 

I have taken my candy corn and gone home. 

October was a huge lesson in finding a spirit of thankfulness despite hard circumstances.

Apparently, working on being more consciously thankful every single day is an open invitation for chaos, mayhem, and gross diseases to enter your home. 

Dang it, someone should have warned me. 

Dealing with a horrendous Hand, Foot, and Mouth for Tyson and myself, an ant invasion, and a husband who ended up in the ER this week for weird esophageal issues that still haven't been resolved left me weary, irritable, and downright unpleasant some days. 

It was a hard month that left me convicted about my focus and the things I way too often take for granted.  I've found there is no joy without a spirit a thankfulness, and it's not a place I want to sit in for very long.  A good reminder for every single day, not just one month out of the year. 

As I finish out the month and look back on the past week, I can say I'm thankful we were able to get quick medical attention for Brian.  We have a diagnosis and are still waiting to hear back on some tests that were run. 

I'm thankful for hand-me-down Halloween costumes, because who in the world wants to pay $30 for a costume when there is a 98.5% chance your toddler will refuse to wear it that night? 

In our case, we put the boys in their costumes and went outside for pictures. Miraculously, they loved wearing them, despite the 80 degree fall weather. 

Mr. Giraffe made it his goal to try and gain entry in all of our neighbor's homes. Without knocking.  He hit up four homes by way of two front doors, a back door, and a side door. Successfully entered one home and came running right back out with their dog on his tail. (Literally) Good times.  

This puppy dog loved being upside down.  Our actual dogs don't feel the same way.  

While brother attempted to enter homes around the neighborhood, Mr. Puppy Dog enjoyed crawling up and down sidewalk.  

Our Halloween fun last about twenty minutes, just long enough for mama and daddy to work up a sweat chasing their puppy and giraffe, who were headed in different directions at all times.  

Welcome November! So thankful you are here! 

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  1. Adorable!! Such a cute puppy and giraffe. My almost 3 year old was NOT happy to be dressed as a duckling. Next year, I PROMISE to let him be a baseball player! Hope everyone in your home is feeling 100% soon.