Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Miracle

"Everyone wants to experience a miracle but no one wants to encounter an impossible situation in order to see one."  D. Bellar

This is a big week in the life of our family.  We have been anticipating this Wednesday afternoon for months, filled with a mixture of hope, uncertainty, and excitement.  

We will stand before a judge who will hear J-man's story for the first time.  We are asking for you to join us in praying for this meeting. 

  • Please pray the judge would hear his case with an objective and open mind.  
  • Please pray she would make her decision on his case THAT day.  (She is not required to make a ruling for thirty days.)
  • Please pray that she would make her decision based on the facts and in the best interest of J-man's future. 

We have been told that it will be a miracle to achieve the outcome we hope for at the hearing Wednesday. Not because of the facts of his story, but simply because the way this court system works.  

Not one person, out of all of the people involved in his case, have indicated Wednesday will go as we hope.  They've pretty much indicated that it's impossible.

BUT, we believe in miracles.  More importantly, we believe in the Miracle-Maker and Mountain-Mover. 

In just the past few months, miracles have already happened.  Mountains have moved in ways we NEVER anticipated. Prayers have been answered and our hopes renewed. 

One day, I hope to be able to share more with you about the events that God has orchestrated in the last few months in ways that only He could do.  

For now, I will share these pictures.  We celebrated J-man's birthday yesterday. This is his GREAT-GREAT grandmama.  She is 92.  He met her for the very first time yesterday.

He has a GREAT-GREAT grandmama.  That is a miracle in itself. But the fact the he was able to meet her, (and introduce her to his Elmo), and that she joined us for his birthday in our home was such a miraculous blessing.  

This is J-man's Great-Aunt, her boyfriend, and Brian's parents. His Great-Aunt has become one of his biggest advocates and a part of our lives.  She's an answer to our prayers and she loves that sweet boy so very much. 

There are so many more amazing stories I wish I could share with you now.  Maybe one day.   

For now, would you join us in prayer for this Wednesday? 

Thank you, friends. 


  1. Praying!!!! Can't wait to hear all the stories one day :)

  2. i will be lifting you all up on wednesday (and before). - ashley h

  3. Agreeing with you and praying for supernatural favor with the judge! xo

  4. Will absolutely be praying for you. I believe in miracles.

  5. Wow... Will definitely be praying- praying for favor and praying for the judges heart.