Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spirochetes, my Arch Enemy

I was a little hesitant to share about the fall and what I have been dealing with over the past eight weeks on the blog.  It had the potential to open up some vulnerable parts of our family that we weren't sure we should share.  But, I trusted that this blog community knows my intentions were not to have a pity-party, but to humbly ask for prayer and encouragement.  As expected, we received that and more. 

I heard from so many friends and strangers who offered thoughts and direction in the way we should pursue answers.  Though it was a little overwhelming, it was all helpful. 

One thing I heard over and over and over was to ditch gluten.  So, I bit the bullet and started a gluten-free diet about two and a half weeks ago.  

I also dropped my anti-inflammatories and started natural supplements.  Pretty soon after, I was experiencing much less swelling and inflammation.  Score! 

However, I knew that something was still up in this ol' body of mine, so I heeded the advice of my dear friend Andrea, from Babe of My Heart, who suggested seeing her naturopathic doctor in Atlanta. 

She had experienced symptoms much worse than I have been dealing with and after seeing numerous medical professionals, she finally found healing through this doctor. 

Today I was able to spend a few hours at his office. It was a time spent having weird tests done that to my rational mind seemed a leeeeeetle bit bizarre. 

But.....then I walked in to have my evaluation with the Doctor and he immediately confirmed what I have thought all along.  


What's that, you say? 

It's bacteria, otherwise known as the little devils that cause Lyme Disease.  Apparently they've been hanging out in me for a few years.  The fall was an event that brought it from dormancy to life.  Awesome.

The Doctor also found a few others things residing in me as well including; Epstein-Barr, Candida, and Herpes Zoster (ahem...not THAT kind of herpes, y'all).  

What was interesting was that he was able to tell me things I had been experiencing for years that I hadn't told him about, (like TMJ)...through his weird, bizarro testing methods. 

He finished by testing for some food allergies and lucky me! I tested positive for gluten, dairy, and soy. And by positive, I mean it's a negative thing.  

What will I do without cheese in my life???????????  The horrors.  

My toxicity level was at whopping twelve, which ideally I should be at a four or five.  Did you know that it's not good to keep your phone plugged in right next to your bed? Me neither! We're taking in toxins, people! 

I walked out of the office with information overload, a disappointment that it is indeed Lyme and I've had it for a while, and a hope for treatment and healing. Brian and I are relieved to have an answer and to find someone that would consider that I even had Lyme.  (Sadly, hard to come by in Alabama.)

I've got a detox plan and bajillion supplements to take for the next few months. He's certain we can get this thing taken care of but that it's going to take around six or more months.  I'm to expect that I'll feel worse in the next few weeks, but will start on an upswing after my detox is working.  

Overall, I'm doing okay with the news.  I got my tears out with Brian, and now we are looking forward, hopeful for some relief for me.  

Thank you for your prayers, your food deliveries, your calls and texts, and your valuable insights.  We've got a long way to go to get this behind us, but are very excited to be handling the diagnosis naturally and without strong medicines.  We are confident that God will use this for good and for His glory. 

Spirochetes, prepare for battle.  I'm coming for ya. 


  1. All I have to say is--hang in there!! And don't give up! When I read your symptoms I had a feeling that is what it was:(. I had to give up dairy too--those suckers messed up my ability to break down food. I can handle it now though if that makes you feel better;) Try Vanilla Almond milk...YUM! Praying for you sister--especially in the next 6 weeks...the first few weeks are the hardest so hang in there!!!

  2. So sorry to hear you have Lyme disease. I don't know much about it but up in Canada people seem to contract it from deer ticks. Are there two diseases with similar names? It sounds like your new doctor was very thorough and good. Hang in there and hope you start to feel better soon.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth for the encouragement! Yes, you can contract Lyme through deer ticks here as well, though we can't remember I time when I found one on me. (Though that's not to say we missed one along the way.) It's a ferocious little bug when it enters the body!

  3. So glad you now have answers. A friend of mine went through a year of the same symptoms you discussed and was finally referred to your doctor in Atlanta a few months back. He saved her life and is now off the strong medications and doing the "holistic" way. She has her life back and recently participated in a 5k with her family. Hang in there and don't overdo it too quickly and you'll get there. God bless you.