Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye, Old Friend

People have been telling me for a while that I should end my relationship with you.

They've insisted that you're bad for me.  You look innocent from the outside, they say, but you've got a way of causing pain when I'm around you too much.

I didn't believe them for so long.  How could YOU harm me?  I stood up for you, defended your honor.

But then the fall happened.

And then this started.

Inflammation. Joint pain. Swelling.

It was the cankles that made me finally draw the line.

I had to see for myself if the accusations were true.

So with much sadness, I said goodbye to my old friend, gluten.

So long, chewy, warm flavorful breads.

Farewell, cupcakes and other delightful gluten-filled goodies.  I shall miss you. 

Friends have tried to console me.  They've introduced to me to Kale.  Told me that hanging around with Kale would make me feel better.  Encouraged me to starting making smoothies and inviting Kale to join. 

First impressions weren't good. 

Kale smells gross, y'all.   

But I'm trying, really I am.  Hours have been spent googling as many fruit/veggie smoothies as I can find and shoving handfuls of Kale in the blender while holding my nose. 

Some of them actually taste pretty good.  Some taste like I'm eating weeds straight from my lawn. 

This was a good one.  You can find the recipe here

I've even created this board on Pinterest dedicated to gluten-free recipes.  That shows I'm serious about this, right?  

A little over a week ago I went off my anti-inflammatory medicines, started taking some natural supplements, and decided to change my diet to gluten-free.  

Results have been positive in just the past week, so I am pressing on and resisting the urge to shove baguettes and chocolate chip cookies into my mouth while hiding in the pantry. 

Before- left foot and ankle swelling

After- still swollen, but a  little cankle-less this week

I'm committed to forming new friendships with more veggies and fruits, including the smelly Kale, but gluten-filled foods, I will never forget you.  

Maybe one day we'll meet again on better terms.  But not until the cankles are gone.    


  1. Sure hope it works! A friend of mine makes amazing gluten free bakery products with a flour she made and now sells. I'm not gluten free and LOVE wheat products. I have known her for many years and I love the stuff made with her flour. It may be worth checking out.

    1. Thanks Holly! It's on my list of websites to check out!

  2. I feel like I need to send you a sympathy card. :-) But cheers for sticking with it and feeling better.