Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fluffy Pillows, The Month of May, and Feeling Unqualified

I don't want to write posts like this and then not give options on how you can play a role.  So, I'm VERY excited for an easy opportunity to provide a small piece of comfort for children in the DRC. 

The Love More Foundation is partnering with DRC Adoption Services, the placing agency we used to adopt Tyson, to provide pillows to children in the Kimbondo Orphanage and Hospital in the DRC.  

The children were asked what they wanted and having a pillow was what many requested.  

My friends, this is something WE CAN DO

These are children that are currently not available for adoption, so the orphanage does not receive as many funds or donations as other places.  

The Love More Foundation was started by adoptive parents and I fully trust and support what they are doing in the DRC.  In addition, our agency has a team in the DRC right now, visiting orphanages and assessing the needs of the children there.  They are working to meet the needs of the children where they are-  LOVE IT! 

In other news. . . 

Welcome to the month of May! It is Foster Care Awareness Month and my friend Catie, over at This Higher Calling, is going to be showcasing blog posts from foster parents all month long.  Please head on over and take a look!  

I'm honored to be a part of a great community over at We Are Statements.  Head on over here to read my thoughts on being "Unqualified." 


  1. How can I get a copy of the "pillow" flier to print & to email? I did not find it at the given website & I do jot have a Facebook account. I'd like to forward to friends & hand out at church. Help? Thank you!

    1. Hi Tonya,

      Email me at leslieharris77(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get you the PDF!