Thursday, April 25, 2013

TBT: I think we'd be friends

I wrote this post two years ago. Thought it'd be fun to post again (Throwback Thursday for those of you still wondering what "TBT" meant.  LOL, guys.  LYLAS) 

I've updated in red.  
I think we'd be friends in real life. 

That's what I often imagine as I read blogs of women I've never met from all over the country.  

So in case you ever have considered that about me, I think there are some things you need to know: 

1.) I drink large quantities of UNsweet tea with extra lemons.  I'm usually seen carrying a Chick-fil-a cup full of it on a daily basis.  This causes many southerners to look at me with distaste and call me a Yankee. (Still true. Will never change. Ever. I can drink two sips of sweet tea and then my tongue stops working.) 

2.) I'm not creative. This is not a statement of humility.  It's fact. In my elementary school, students had the opportunity to be invited on a yearly basis to try and "test" into the "Talented and Gifted" program.

That was never me.  In fact, in the fifth grade, I was one of four kids in my class who were not invited to take the test while the other twenty kids in our class were.  I can still remember sitting in the classroom just waiting for the rest of the class to get back.  Bless my heart. (Sidenote: My best friend shared with me a few weeks ago how she was in the "Talented and Gifted" Program in elementary school and was so embarrassed to be in it, she purposely failed the test so they would kick her out. Despite the differences in our IQ's, the common bond of Rap Music is ultimately what brought us together 13 years ago. True story.) 

3.) To further prove number #2, I can honestly say that I never think of my day in terms doing crafts, painting, or sewing.  I can guarantee that I will never attempt to show you how to refinish furniture,  paint a mural, or embroider a onesie on this blog.  I prefer, instead, to surround myself with very talented people to do those things for me. (Due to the emergence of Pinterest in the past two years, I found my crafty nitch, friends, and that means I focused completely on making wreaths.  Since becoming the parent of two boys under two, the thought of DOING a craft makes me tired. These wreaths are going to have to last for the next ten years.)

4.) Once I find a fashion piece I like, it becomes my "thing." (Probably that creative issue again.)
  • I rocked the colored jean my senior year of high school.  If it came in a color, I owned it.  Mauve jean? Check.  Dark green jeans?  Check.  They're coming back in style soon.  Trust me.  (Y'all. I was RIGHT.  They are BACK in style! Sadly, I'm so out of style, I haven't even bought any yet.)
  • For a few years I owned the tailored blazer.  Literally and figuratively.  In fact, I still actually own them; in navy, brown, mustard, cream, green, black...   Let me know if you need to borrow one.  (Still have them . . . in case anyone was interested. . . )

  • My current obsession are sweater coats and scarves.  I own a lot.  In fact, there's a good chance that on any given day, I'll be wearing one or the other.  Or both.  I need an intervention.     (I am just adding these pictures.  Bless. My. Heart.  Embarrassing.  Clearly, this is still a problem.) 

5.) I can't do a cartwheel.  (Still true. I can promise you this ain't changing.) 

So what do you think? Would we be real-life friends?  


  1. Love this :)
    Yes, we definitely would be.

  2. I don't think we're friends, I think we're twins.

    Me: not creative, not smartsy, and wear the same thing until it comes back in style.

  3. I think we would be friends. I am the one with a large Sonic cup full of sweet tea at Hobby Lobby trying to pick out items to make a wreath hoping to be inspired waiting on my not so crafty, but I want to be, self to surface and I promise to be wearing my favorite outfit for that moment.