Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Deep, Fierce Love

"Oh what a power is motherhood, possessing
A potent spell
All women alike
Fight fiercely for a child."
-- Euripides

A mother's love is deeper than biology and shared DNA.  It stretches across oceans and continents, race and ethnicity.  A mother's heart can lead in directions that are completely counter-cultural and make decisions that seemingly go against all reason.

Let me introduce you to Robin and Brenda. 

Before each of these women held their child in their arms, they knew that life for them may look a little different. They knowingly chose the path of motherhood that would require a deep trust in God's sovreignty and a His plan for their child.  

People warned them that it didn't make sense, this path of motherhood, there would be too much at stake.  Too much of a risk for loss.  

These mothers knew, despite the uncertainty, the questions of others, and the overwhelming odds, that their child was waiting for them. 

Here are their stories.

This is Robin.  Mom to three amazing girls and to this special little boy, Gabriel.  

Gabriel was born prematurely with special needs.  At a few months old, he was placed into foster care and put into the arms of one of the foster families in our church.   Not long after entering his foster home, he became gravely ill and was placed in the NICU.  This little one is a fighter, and he battled for his life through ventilators and tubes and needles.  While in the NICU, he had a church full of people praying for him.  The Pass family were some of those people praying.  They had met Gabriel one morning at church.  As soon they had laid eyes on this sweet boy, they knew that he was meant to be a part of their family.  Robin he was what her arms had been missing.  He was her son. 

The Pass's became licensed foster parents and Gabriel was transitioned lovingly into their home last Mother's Day.  Despite his medical conditions, constant doctor's appointments, and round-the-clock care, Robin jumped in headfirst.  With a fierce mama's heart, she has made sure that he has the best care, that his medicines are regulated perfectly for his little body, and that he has the therapy he needs.   

Last month, Gabriel was officially adopted by the Pass Family.  Today, exactly a year after joining his family, Gabriel was baptized.  A miracle baby adored by his family and usually found in the arms of his mama. 

This is the Gorman Family.  Brenda Gorman and her husband adopted Zia, on the right, from the DRC.   

A few months before they were supposed to travel to get her, the Gormans were told that Zia had serious health issues.  Their agency asked if they still wanted to pursue the adoption.  

There was no question.  Zia was their daughter. 

Brenda flew immediately to the DRC to be with her.  She fought to get Zia moved to a better hospital in the DRC and was able to get an emergency visa to bring Zia home to Texas for medical treatment.  

Zia was able to spend 33 days with her family before passing away last week.  Please read more of her story here.  

Brenda was featured on the CBS evening news this past Friday night.  It was a beautiful piece about the love of a mother who fought so valiantly for her daughter's life.


I've not met Brenda personally, but through our Congo connections, have followed her journey on Facebook.  She is a true warrior, risking everything for a child to know what it means to have a family. Despite heartbreak and loss, she has remained steadfast that God picked Zia specifically for their family. 

Brenda's words on losing their Zia: 
"Death is not the end of her story. My baby girl still gets the fairytale ending; she is in a new body that is healed, she has all the bumba she wants, she is resting in the arms of Jesus, and she is rejoicing in the 

As we celebrate mothers across the world today, I needed you to meet these two women.  I think you can understand why. 

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  1. I loved Brenda's story - I watched it Friday. So full of love and heartbreak. I am praying for her and the family now. Thanks for sharing that story.