Sunday, March 31, 2013


We kept it real simple today.


Naps for everyone.

Easter Egg Hunt.

That's all.

It was perfect.

Easter is such a treasured day for me.

The Cross and the Empty Tomb hold the promise of hope and redemption.

It is the reminder of new life, full of fresh perspective and purpose.

As we have become parents of three boys from varying backgrounds of trauma, loss, and pain, this Easter holds an even deeper grip on my heart.

Easter is the promise that our past no longer must define us because HE took it all on the Cross.  By HIS wounds, we are healed.

I earnestly pray that one day, all of my boys will take their stories, their doubts and their wounds and lay them at the foot of the Cross and the ONE who is the ultimate Comforter and Healer.

For now, we pray over them daily, that our boys would become men who would use their stories for good.  That they would become men of integrity and honor and stand up for those that have no voice. We pray that they would never doubt that they are loved, by us and by the One who created them.  We pray that they would come to understand just what today is all about - hope, forgiveness, and profound joy.

And today, with two under two, we had some easter egg fun.

Toddlers + Hats = absurd amounts of cuteness.

J-man collecting eggs with his best friend.

Don't you wish I could show you that cute face of his???? Me too. 

Tyson's job was to sit on the blanket and look cute. 

Eyelashes.  Jeesh. 

Neck rolls are totally smoochable.  (Well, on babies, that is.)

Tyson found some eggs too! 

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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