Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Picture of Hope

The last post I wrote was filled with the stark reality of injustice and suffering in our world.  One picture said it all.

Today I want to start off with this picture.

Our adoption facilitator took this photo of Mama Isabelle a few days ago.  This is our Tyson's amazing DRC foster mama, holding her newest babies that will one day be united with their forever families in the United States.

She is a picture of hope.

The foster children placed in her care have suffered loss and trauma.  Everything they've known has been taken from them and is about to be turned upside down again upon meeting their new adoptive family.

Mama Isabelle is a tender rock and refuge for these children in transition.  She knows that the little ones placed in her care are not to remain for long.  It may be five months, eight months, or a year, but it will be temporary.  Despite that truth, she digs in and loves those children with a selfless heart and unconditional love.  And those children are given a gift of a lifetime through that care and attention.

One woman.  Providing hope a few children at a time.


It's where we've got to focus.

Because when we lose hope, then we stop moving.

When we lose hope, we stop growing.

When we lose hope, we do nothing.

We can't lose hope.

We need to be a part of doing SOMEthing.

We can no longer ignore the harsh reality that exists for children in other parts of the world.  Once you have seen it, you are no longer able to deny it.

We've all seen it. Now let's do something.

I want to offer you some opportunities to get connected with great organizations working in the DRC.  These aren't organizations aimed at removing children from the country, (because adoption is just one solution, not the only solution) but rather non-profits who are dedicated to reconnecting families, helping small businesses grow, and protecting the least of these in the country.

They are providing hope to one person at a time.

Take a look at these links and learn how you can play a role.

Hope International and Kiva:   With as little as a $25 donation, you can be a part of providing a microfinance loan to help someone in the world out of poverty.  These are two great organizations providing financial services to people living in poverty around the world.  

Tumaini:  An organization helping care for orphans in Eastern Congo. Tumaini means "hope" in Swahili. Amazing organization- please check it out!

World Vision:  World Vision works in over 100 countries, including the DRC.  You can choose a child to support monthly, which will enable them to remain with their family, get an education, and proper nutrition.  You are given regular updates on the child, their education, and their family.

So many of you asked about what you could do, which I love! These are just a few options, friends, of playing a role. For those hoping to help with the orphanage in the picture, our agency facilitator is working on learning more about specific needs and assuring that items donated will go directly to the children.  More info to come!

If you have other non-profit agencies that are working in the DRC and you'd like to share, please link them in the comments below!


  1. Great post! I love your focus on hope. It can be so daunting and overwhelming when we know the need and feel helpless in the face of the enormity of the problem. These are wonderful organizations! I just recently learned about Kiva and love what is happening through this micro loan project! So incredible!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I couldn't of said it better myself. I am currently working with Mwangaza International. The founder is Congolese and is going to college in the US. His organization works in several different areas in several different places. I am looking forward to receive a letter from the young lady that I sponsor for school.