Monday, March 18, 2013

Mushy Brain

 I'm a firm believer in getting a solid eight hours of sleep.

Brian heartily agrees that is best for me and our marriage.

Tyson does not hold the same belief system.

He prefers sleeping in increments of one to two hours at a time and has successfully mastered it for the past three weeks.

I. am. tired.

My brain is mushy and I am only able to write complete sentences today because he actually slept for seven hours straight last night.  Or I was so exhausted that I didn't hear him.

Either way, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, and Amen.

I've got some thoughts swirling in my head, but until I get a wee bit more sleep in this body, it's best I not put anything down in writing.

It's better for everyone if I just stick to pictures today.

There is a small window of time in Montgomery, some call it Spring, where the humidity is low and the temperatures are mild.  Usually it lasts about six days.  Then it's 105 degrees and 250% humidity for the next six months.

It's been downright Springy around here, so we have been outside as much as possible.

Is he not the most smoochable????  Looking at this ridiculously adorable face makes me almost forget he keeps me up most of the night.   Almost.  When he is a teenager I will find a way to get him back.

J-man watching the big boys work on a project.  LOVE this picture. 

Bandit sharing the secrets of why he digs holes all over our backyard.
Tyson appears concerned at the news.
Sweet pigeon-toed and bow-legged J-man. Kind of thankful for it at this stage because the boy is super quick.  And I am not.  This gives me a slight advantage when he's running in the opposite direction. 

Family Time at the zoo.  J-man is in his favorite place- on Daddy's shoulders.
Monkeys in cages?  I'm not impressed.  They were on side of every road in Congo.    
This is what you call entertainment?

Our zoo has a playground! Our yearly membership is worth the price in swings.

 Swinging is fun! 

And in the spirit of full disclosure, my friends...
What I look like 5% of the time these days.
Showered, makeup applied and wearing clothes that don't embarrass my family.
And the other  95%.
 Black yoga pants (duh),
7 yr old t-shirt,  and not so much showered.
Keepin' it real, peeps.
 It ain't pretty, but man, it's comfortable. 


  1. Great pics! And what's wrong with outfit #2? I'm confused ...

  2. LOVE the pic of ALL your boys at the swings! :) And these days...Im totally with you on the outfit #2.

  3. When I first quit my job to stay home with the kids, I vowed that I would not become one of those moms in yoga pants and a ponytail. You know, I can't remember the day that changed, but I'm right there with you now! Maybe it has to do with not getting eight hours of sleep.