Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Week By the Numbers

7 - Nights I was up popping a pacifier back in someone's mouth

6 - Days the washing machine and dishwasher were in use

5  - Trips to see a doctor.  

- Rounds of antibiotics for three different members of the family. 

3  - Boxes of diapers sent to our house as gifts. 

2 - Nights where I had to cook, because every other evening a meal was made for us by friends. (AHH-mazing.)

1 - Very much-needed date night with my husband. 

0 - Pictures in which everyone was smiling during our family photo shoot today.  

Despite facing some major odds, (ahem. . . a 6 and a 15 month old), I think Suzanne Williams did an AMAZING job of getting all of us looking at the camera at the same time.  Sure wish we could share ALL our little ones faces with you.  


  1. LOL! I hear you sister! Great rundown!! :)

  2. You guys are an inspiration! Love following your story. A reminder for us that the waiting will be worth it.

  3. Leslie, I LOVE this picture! I actually saw it FIRST on Facebook last night and I said "I know that girl!" Love the pictures, and totally stealing the idea! :)

    Your family just gets more beautiful by the minute!


  4. Love the picture! I think it turned out great!