Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conversation hearts, Hash Tags, and Disproportionate Heads

Well, it been raining here for the past five days which means a few things.  

1. Everyone is stuck in the house, including the dogs.  

2. Everyone is going crazy, including the dogs.  

It's been real fun. 

Knox and Bandit follow J-man around the house as he drop 75% percent of his snack on the floor.  While they are vacuuming the floor, he turns around, grabs their tails, and holds on for dear life.  They, thankfully, do nothing but look at me pleading with their eyes to be released from this horrible prison and let outside. 

I say no, because muddy dogs would require much more cleaning of my floors.  And I have priorities people, which lately have included eating candy conversation hearts (it's my last week to ingest their sugary goodness), updating the blog, and joining twitter. 

All of this, of course, is while my boys are napping, because momma ain't getting nothing else done when those two pipsqueaks are up and going.  Awake time is usually spent keeping J-man from either climbing into the fireplace, on top of his brother, or into very small crevices that all but his head are fitting into right now.  (I think God specifically planned that toddlers would have crazy disproportionate heads for that reason.)

In any case, in my small pieces of down-time, I've been gathering some thoughts for future blog topics and I'd like to follow up on this post from yesterday with one on the in's and out's of Foster Care. 

It's a scary topic for lots of folks and there are many preconceived notions associated with it.  I'd love to help dispel them and address some of the concerns. 

So, what questions do you have about foster care? Anything you've always wondered about, but felt weird asking? Now's your chance! 

I'd love to get your questions and answer them the best I can. Each state has their own foster care laws and system, but there are parts of the foster care that definitely apply nationwide. 

Please leave your questions in the comments or email me at leslieharris77 (at) gmail (dot) com. 

And. . . yes, I'm on Twitter.  

I'm a big proponent of not being anything close to cutting edge, so I like to wait a few years and see if something is really going to take off before I try it... (i.e. skinny jeans).  

It appears Twitter is starting to take off, so I joined. 
I have no idea what I'm doing yet on there, but... 




Ok, I'm done. 

Come follow me @waitingonaword

Anyone organization or person that you think I should follow?  Let me know! 

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  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on fostering. We're wrestling with what our specifications should be (foster to adopt, only babies, short term, etc). Not that you can answer that... But still--thoughts from your experience would be great.