Friday, February 10, 2012

My Loves

The last few posts have been heavy, so let's lighten up today with a few of my Favorite Things....  (Please refrain from judging me and my taste in random things)

My Favorite Candy:  Holiday Candy.
What's that you ask?  I would define it as any sugar-filled morsel that helps celebrate a holiday.  I love me some candy corn, jelly beans, and peeps, to name a few.

As I type this post, I'm chomping down on these bad boys.

Yes, I fully understand that I have the diet of a third grader. And amazingly enough,  I've had only one cavity in my life.  I'm a walking miracle.

My Favorite Blog:  This is a toughie.  I'm going to have to go with my top three.

* Jen Hatmaker-  She's an author, adoptive mom, and sarcastic.  Everything I esteem to be.  She's written some poignant posts on life after adoption and living beyond our means in America.

*Momastery- authentic, honest, and transparent blog about parenting, brokenness, and faith.  She pulls no punches but speaks with grace and truth and humor.  Love it.

*I Hate Green Beans- I love watching the train-wreck otherwise known as The Bachelor.  (So does my husband).  I've been reading this blog recap of the show since Lincee was sending out emails of the recap.  Now she has a fancy-schmancy blog.  And her recaps are FUNNY.  She manages to retell the night without cattiness and without getting ugly about the contestants.  Good stuff.  And yes, I know the show is trash.

My Favorite Apps: 

*Words with Friends-  A game on my phone that allows me to play scrabble non-stop.  Pure awesomeness for nerds like me.

*Jesus Calling- It's a devotional book also in an App format.  It is a daily encouragement and I love to start my day with it.

*iExit- An app that tells you where Chick-fil-a's are located on your driving route.  Oh, it also lists every other restaurant and gas station on the route, but I focus mainly on the Chick-fil-a's.

My Favorite Men:  There are currently four of them in my life.  I'm surrounded by testosterone and farts.  (99.5% of them come from Bandit and the baby.)

Handsome, strong, and compassionate.
Thankful for such a combination.

Our little man who's picture I can't show.  Which is a shame- because he's ridiculously adorable.  

Knox.  The first addition to our family.  Loves to give kisses, especially to the baby.  Thinks he's a lap dog.
Enjoys drinking milk from a bowl. Uses puppy dog eyes to his advantage.
Has no sense of smell.  Just learned to pee like a male.

Bandit.  Loves his big brother Knox.  Has dug up our backyard.  Constantly farts while he sleeps.  
Has a cute snaggletooth grin sometimes.  Flies headlong into our pine tree after squirrels.
 Subsequently is always covered in sap.  Loves sleeping on the couch. 

Just a few of my favorite things!  Would love to hear yours! 



  1. I LOVE candy too. No offense, but I am so not a fan of that heart mess. It's WAY too chalky! ;) We need to get a game going on Words with Friends. I just got into it (I'm a little behind the times). And I totally start my day with Jesus Calling too! Although I'm one of those "I want to hold the book in my hand" kind of people there are times I wish I had the app when my book isnt at my finger tips.

    That Chik-fil-a app is SO you!! :)

  2. Knox. Wouldn't that be a great play for Words With Friends. As a blogger myself, Words With Friends seems a more appropriate time-waster than, say, television. Bottom line, my blog has more word game posts than thoughtful entries. Too easily preoccupied by WWF and TV. I will always justify my TV time as long as I can tie it back to wordplay. Blame my love of Scrabble, WWF and TV trivia for me creating my blog and the anagrams I invent. Still, all these distractions keep me from posting interesting stuff like you do.