Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 Things I've Learned in the Past Week.

1.)  I can exist and function at a sub-par level on less than five hours of sleep a night.

2.) Bandit enjoys Christmas.
And what I mean by that is that he enjoys injesting all things Christmas.

From last count, we're at five ornaments eaten.

If offered, he also enjoys Christmas cookies, cakes, candy..... If not offered, he will sit two inches from you in hopes something will drop out of your mouth.

3.) I've learned that after eating said Christmas items, they normally come back up around 3am on our carpet.  In large chunks.

4.) I've learned that it is possible to get really excited when your baby does a Number #2.  Especially if he hasn't since the previous morning.

5.)  I've learned that those number #2's look really interesting.

6.)  I've learned we have a really special network of "grandmas" and "aunts" around us who have stepped in to help us out because our families live so far away.

7.) I've learned that my husband is a natural with babies. Especially the one who currently lives with us. :)

8.)  I've learned that it really is in everyone's best interest to finish the nursery BEFORE the baby comes into your home.  

As you can guess...that didn't happen in our house.  

Oh well. 

But it's almost done!

Thank you Pinterest for my nursery ideas! 

9.)  I've learned it is REALLY nice to have meals being brought to you every night.  If you know a family who just gets a foster placement or adopted child, PLEASE do this for them.  They'll need it! 

10.) I've learned that social media can have some really redeeming qualities.... like the many encouraging and sweet messages we've received about Baby "J" this week.  We are so, so, so grateful for your prayers and support.  Words can't express the love we've felt.  


  1. I get so excited reading about that sweet baby!!!
    PS...getting excited over #2s doesn't go away!! :)

  2. Just caught up on your blog! Great to chat with you today. I liked what you said about people encouraging you through social media. Thanks for being that person for me today:)