Monday, October 31, 2011

This Could be Yours!!!!

Hey All, 

As you know, we had a yard sale a few weeks ago and raised more than $2,000!  Amazing! 

Some very generous friends of ours, the Gibson's, have donated a brand-spanking-new video camera. Instead of putting it in the yard sale, where I can guarantee that someone would have offered a quarter for it, we decided to have a little fun online! 

As I said, it's brand new. As in, never been used or taken out of the box.  It retails for over $350.  

And it could be yours! 

What's that?  You have a video camera already?  

No problem, if you win it... you have an automatic awesome gift for your office Dirty Santa Christmas party! 

No office Christmas party? Well, I have a feeling that you know a family who could use a video camera and may otherwise never be able to afford one. 

See? This is for Everyone! 

$10 per entry. 

As many entries as you want! 

Once you enter, you can get an ADDITIONAL entry by sharing this link on your blog, twitter, or facebook page.  After entering, post a comment letting me know you shared it and the link.  

 Here is where the proceeds are going! 

Half will go toward our adoption travel expenses. 

The other half is going to....

Toni, just your average high school girl living in Montgomery.... aside from the fact that she passionately advocates for the orphan.

She's pretty amazing.

And you can meet her at For the Least of These 

Toni has helped adoptive families in our church raise funds for their adoption. 

She's tie-dyed many, many t-shirts and made bumper stickers that have sold to families across the country.  

And she has donated all of the proceeds to families bringing home their children from around the world. 

Have I mentioned how awesome she is? 

Toni and her mom, Kaye (our yard sale Coffee Barista), are going on their first overseas mission trip this summer to Ethiopia to care for the orphan. 

They have to raise $5,300 in order for both of them to go. 

We want to help them get there. 

Please head over to "Donate" button on the right column to submit your entry. 

You have until November 13th! 

Ready. Set. Go!!!!!