Thursday, November 10, 2011

A few more days....

To enter the drawing for this brand-new video camera! 

Each entry is $10.  

You can donate through the Paypal button on the right of this page, or by cash or check if you live in our area. 

Unlimited entries.

Additional entry if you share this link on your blog, twitter, or facebook page. 

Let me know by leaving a comment. 

Why should you enter?  

Glad you asked. 

ALL proceeds are going to care for the orphan. 

Half the proceeds will go toward our adoption fund. 

Half the proceeds will go to our friends Kaye and Toni, mother/daughter orphan advocates, who are raising money to go on their first international mission trip to care for orphans in Ethiopia. 

The deadline is 8pm central time this Sunday, November 13th. 

Don't miss out! 

In other news.....  Check back over here tomorrow, where I just might introduce you to the newest member of our family! 

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  1. Hmmm, you must have gotten a puppy, cause I know you wouldn't be holding out on us like that with a referall! (: