Saturday, October 22, 2011

What We've Been Doing...

I've been a little MIA from blog land for a while.... let me share a brief synopsis of what we've been up to!

1. Working.  When Brian and I got married two years ago, I retired from working.  I figured that since I'm older than my husband, and had been working in the real world longer than him, he needed to catch up and level the playing field.

Ok, not really.

But I did take time off to acclimate to our new home and to life away from everything I had know for the past ten years.  This month, I started working again full-time again at a non-profit organization that advocates for families.  Thankful for a job that cares about the community and helps us out with our finances.

2. Zip-lining.  Finally used the Christmas gift that I bought Brian last year.  Three hours of zip-lining through the tree-tops in North Georgia wearing a really cool helmet.  So much fun! Highly recommend it.

3.  Celebrating.  We had the privilege of having a young man live with us for the past few months while he worked on earning his GED and making decisions to would lead to stability.  He turned 21 while living with us, so we threw him a surprise party with his family and friends there.  So proud of you, Justin!

4.  Watching football.  Last weekend we headed to Knoxville to watch UT get slaughtered play LSU.  Love college football in October!


Then we headed to Atlanta to catch the Falcons game on the way home from Knoxville on Sunday.  My husband's dream is to visit every NFL stadium in the country.  Before any little ones come, we're trying to do as many as we can.....I've gently warned him that a 14 month-old won't do so well in a stadium full of 60,000 screaming fans.

5.  Yardselling.  We had a big ol' yard sale this morning to raise money for our adoption travel expenses. We collected donated items from so many of our generous friends.  I was praying that we would raise $1,000.  One of our biggest cheerleaders, Kaye, showed up at the CUH-RACK of dawn to help us by selling coffee and muffins.

At the end of the morning, we were amazed to see that between the sales and flat donations, we raised $2,000!!!  

Kaye, our amazing coffee maker/muffin seller/orphan advocate.  We love you Kaye! 

6. Waiting.  The hardest part.  We're still holding on to number 4 on the referral list and honestly, today was a little hard.  I've been planning on doing a yard sale since the summer.  I held out til October because I assumed we'd have our referral and know exactly who our baby would be....I'd be able to give specifics to people, show their picture, tell a little bit about them...  but instead, we sit at number 4 with no end in sight.  

Days like these I feel the strain of the journey and wonder when we will meet our little one face to face. 

I don't have the answer. 

But I am eagerly anticipating the day that I will.  When I can share with you that there are one or two less orphans in this world.  

God knows the ending of this story.  And that's what I'm choosing to cling to while sitting in the unknown.  

And until that day comes when we meet our sweet peas face to face, we're going to enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays, hitting up some NFL stadiums, and trying to be present just where we are! 


  1. Hello, I don't know you personally but I follow your blog and pray for your family, I admire your courage and faith in this journey, love and prayers from California.

  2. Leslie, you and Brian are so wonderful! We are praying hard that you move quickly down the referral list and have your baby in your arms as soon as possible. You're both going to be great parents and we can't wait for it to happen for y'all!

  3. Praise God for a successful yard sale! I just found your blog through another blog, etc- isn't that how it goes? Anyways, we're hosting a yard sale this Saturday ... its actually a yard sale/ car wash/ bake sale :-) Any tips?? Thanks :-)