Friday, March 4, 2011

We're moving forward!

We officially have Child Abuse and Neglect clearance from ALL of our states!!!

After pestering our agency on a almost daily basis, they agreed to email the folks processing our clearance forms and check our "status" with the paperwork.  Once our agency realized that we had been waiting over eleven weeks, they felt it was time to check in.  Our annoying persistence paid off!

Our paperwork has cleared, we have now been assigned a social worker, and are waiting to hear when our first home visit will be!

Now I have to go clean.

And give this guy some obedience lessons before the social worker comes to visit.


  1. Yay! So good to hear that you guys are making progress!

  2. You'll do fine. We passed with 3 big dogs, all indoors, 3 cats, 2 snakes, and 3 ponds on 10 acres with an electric fence!

  3. Yay! So glad to hear that. God is good!

  4. 11 weeks?! Crazy sauce! So glad that is behind you....and are Leslie....who on earth wouldn't think that you are going to be an awesome mother!! Can't wait to see what sweet face is going to be calling you mom!

  5. Hi Leslie, I have been reading your blog for a bit; couldn't remember where I found you but, today, as I was tracking back on Layla's blog (The Lettered Cottage), I figured that one out. I have a heart for the orphan and, actually, am going to Ethiopia (with Visiting Orphans (dot org)) in July. My husband and I will likely begin the process later this year and were leaning toward ET; however, with the new processes, we will pray fervently where He would have us to go. A couple of friends have mentioned DRC to us and I recalled that you were adopting from there. Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm stalking you. (ha!)