Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something to think about...

This past week we completed our two home visits!  Our social worker is wonderful, loves big dogs (whew), and really understands how important moving as quickly as possible is to us!  She is now writing up our home study and once it is complete, we send all of our information to DHR and wait for it to be approved.

So we still have some time before we are "home-study ready."  However, we're a lot closer than we were a few weeks ago!

On a different note...

I recently read an article on the state of orphans and the role of the church when it comes to orphan care. I think this is an article that hits on a topic that needs to be discussed in ALL of our churches.  This is not an issue for other churches to worry about.  This is a call, straight from Bible, for ALL believers and ALL churches.

Here's just a small quote from the article about the state of foster care in our country...

By their mid-20s, less than half of those who graduate from foster care are employed.  More than 80 percent of males have been arrested, compared to 17 percent overall.  And 68 percent of the women are on food stamps, compared to 7 percent overall.  

The statistics are staggering and sobering.  But there is good news.  Those statistics can change.  It starts with one family at a time, stepping out on faith and out of their comfort zone, and opening their hearts and their homes to children that need love and stability.

Ok, that's my soapbox for the day.

Take a look at the article... I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hi there :-) So excited to read your note on my blog. It does seem we have a lot in common. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. My personal blog is at if you want to read any non-adoption details of my crazy life. What can I say I am a blog addict. :-D We have two more home study visits soon. I was also excited to read about your interests in missions as well.

  2. Hello, happened through your blog via The Lettered Cottage. First off congratulations on deciding to adopt and getting through your homestudy. I had to laugh at the dust and vaccume comment. My husband and I have been foster parents for two years now and we stressed out sooooo much over the homestudy process. When our two boys were placed with us we were overwhelmed & humbled that we were really responcible for these two precious lives. We have now had them for two years and are in the process of adopting them as well as their two older sisters, whom we have had in our home for over a year. It is a roller coaster of a process but so worth it.

  3. I wanted to provide encouragement for your adoption process - my husband and I adopted our 12-year-old daughter from state foster care (not having been foster parents to her before adopting her)... she's our first and it's been an amazing faith journey. I will pray for you through the process - for likemindedness with your husband, and favor to be shown on your application until ultimately a child is chosen. Blessings! You can read about our adoption blessings and day-to-day adjustments on my blog