Monday, March 21, 2011

It just so happened

that we got home from our mission trip to the Dominican Republic about midnight on Friday. Our kennel is closed on Saturdays...... which meant that we couldn't pick up Knox until Sunday after 2:30pm.

This, in turn, guaranteed that I could clean our house on Saturday and it would STAY clean until after our first home study visit with the social worker at 1pm on Sunday.


And yes, don't worry. We admitted to our social worker we had a dog. No use trying to hide this guy.

Knox will get a stern talking to before he meets our social worker on Wednesday.  No jumping up to lick her face to say hello.  Only paw-shaking.

Our first visit went great.  I had talked to enough other adoptive families to know that I didn't need to clean the undersides of our furniture and or repaint the scuff marks on our wall.

Though I did think about it.

We stuck to simple dusting and vacuuming.  And if you haven't had a home study visit yet, trust me, that was enough.

The actual interview part was very relaxed and easy.  Though Brian and I have no idea how we will be as parents, we know that we are called to BE parents and that some, if not all of our children, will come from adoption.  So we were more than happy to talk about that for as long as needed.

Our next and final home visit will be this Wednesday morning. Woohoo!  We have a social worker who understands that finishing this home study is important to us and wants to help us expedite the process.  We are VERY thankful for that.

Thank you to those of you who were praying for us on Sunday during our visit.  We are so thankful to having you walking alongside us in this journey!

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