Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a Win-Win situation!

Or at least it could be. 

Millions of Miles is the blog of a mom of three cute kiddos, including Miles, who was recently adopted from the Congo.  

After spending time in the Congo while getting her son, her heart was broken for the country.  Each year she holds a raffle to raise money for the Congo and Haiti.  

For just a little bit of cash you could win a VACATION to either Colorado or Florida.  Even better, your money goes toward supporting orphan care in Congo and Haiti.   So it's a big, huge WIN in the fact that your money is going to a great cause.  I can't promise you'll win the vacation though.  Because I probably will.  But you should get tickets anyway.  

Head over here to get the details and buy some tickets.  


  1. Leslie - I love the way you write, especially in the last post about all the security clearances! Sheeshh.... I went through the ringer on just a passport. Can't imagine all that other stuff. I love you girl!

  2. Thanks for sharing- this sounds awesome!

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