Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And the Winner is....

the great state of Pennsylvania!!!

Out of the six states that either Brian or I have lived in,  Pennsylvania returned our Child Abuse and Neglect form first!!! 

Though I had to list EVERY address and EVERY person I have lived with since I was born on the PA state clearance form, (no, I'm not kidding),  they were extremely efficient and had given me written clearance in just three days.  

We've been warned that some states are taking two months to get clearances done. (ahem.... Georgia and Tennessee). 

The South, though I love it dearly,  is really starting to try my patience with getting things accomplished in a timely manner.  I mailed a letter to Birmingham to sign up for the online adoption training courses we need for the home study.  For those of you who still aren't quite sure where Alabama is located, much less Birmingham, it takes approximately an hour and half to drive from our house to Birmingham.

My letter, however, took two weeks to get there.  Apparently, Alabama is still using carrier pigeons as a method of mail transport.

In any case... we have five more to clearances to go and we can begin our home study visits!!

Georgia. Florida. Tennessee. Alabama. New Jersey.   Bring it.  

Oh, and my husband is a winner this week too.... 

I came home from work Monday to this delightful surprise!!!

Two Words.

Sugar. Coma.

Most of it has been eaten by one Word.



  1. Hey Leslie! Love this post. . .especially because i live in PA-WooHoo!!!!! I wanted to let you know that, because of your previous post and the info on, a friend of mine and I are going to host a cupcake kids bake sale on April 16th to benfit sixtyfeet!!! We are sooo excited about this opportunity-thanks so much for opening my eyes to a great cause and keep the great posts coming!!!

  2. Alabama was the state that held us up in every stage of the process. Most of the time I'm pretty proud of Alabamians slow pace in life until it comes to the paperwork I need done. I hope my sweet home Alabama will turn out to be better to ya'll. :o)

  3. I had to laugh when reading your post. Oh, how I loved your commentary on the Alabama postal system. Hope things start to move for you.

  4. We just had our homestudy completed this week. I know it takes time to get everyone else up to speed. We were fortunate that in KY I just list the address and they did the contacting. Hope the others come in soon. BTW what course hours are you doing? Though we have completed our required hours I am always interested in more education. Blessings!