Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meet Dustin, Daniel, and Ricky {A New Weekly Series}

In every state across the US, there are currently children in foster care who are waiting for a forever family.  Their parents rights have been terminated and they are now free to be loved and welcomed into a family through adoption.  

As of April 2013, there were 5,013 children in the foster care system of Alabama.  Five hundred of those children sit waiting, currently ready to be adopted.  

And here is the thing: waiting children don't have to be adopted just by Alabama families, anyone across the country could become their parent.  

Heart Gallery Alabama strives to help find a permanent, loving family for every child in Alabama's foster care system who is in need of a home

Their heartbeat is the mantra, "There are no unwanted children. Only unfound families."

I very much agree.  

I was so excited to see my blog friend Catie, over at This High Calling, announce that every Monday she would be posting about a child available for adoption in the state of Alabama. 

I'm on board too. 

I've got big dreams for what could happen.  Each week Catie will share a beautiful face and and their story.  Then I'll share it.  My hope is then that YOU will share it. And if you share it, maybe your facebook friends will share it, and then their (cousin/friend from high school/tennis partner/co-worker, will open up the link. . .

And maybe, JUST maybe, one of those people will see the face of the child they have been praying for . . .

It only takes ONE family to provide a forever home to a child.  

Let's find that family. 

Let me introduce you to these three handsome brothers. . . 

Meet Dustin, Daniel, and Ricky

Dustin, born February1999, enjoys watching TV, playing video games and reading. He likes the Harry Potter Books. He is creative. He prefers the indoors and enjoys playing alone. Dustin's grades are average and he maintains passing grades. He does wear glasses to help him see the black board in the classroom. 

Daniel and Ricky were born in February 2003. Daniel has an IEP in place for speech therapy to assist with a speech impediment. His grades have been good. He likes to play outside and swim. Daniel enjoys watching TV, playing video games, and playing with others. He is very energetic. He is also creative and likes to draw. 

Ricky likes to play outside and go swimming. He also likes to go fishing. Ricky enjoys watching TV, playing video games, and playing with others. He is very energetic and is creative. He makes friends easily. 

These brothers need a family that can attend to their therapeutic needs and keep them together. They need to be placed together for adoption with a family that has no other children in the home.

If you'd more information about these boys and other available children, please head over to the Heart Gallery of Alabama.

Blog friends, let's advocate for and pray these children into a forever home.  Let us be a voice for the voiceless. 

Excited to partner together with you! 


  1. I mean...This is pretty cool. Let's go crazy on this ;)

  2. What a beautiful idea!! My husband and I are in the process of adopting a sibling group from foster care through the state of Connecticut. We are hoping for a group of three!! I may join you in this endeavor and post waiting children on my blog as well. It was when I started seeing the beautiful faces of children waiting for a family, via the internet, that my heart began to open more to adopting from foster care. I pray many more hearts will be opened, and action will be taken. Especially from the Church!