Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet Cody and Joey

Y'all are awesome. Plain and simple. 

Last week I partnered up with my bloggy friend Catie over at This High Calling, and posted about a set of brothers looking for a forever family.  In case you missed it, please read about this Waiting Children initiative here

Friends, you shared that post and shared it and shared it. Oh, and then you shared it some more. There were over a thousand pageviews of that specific post.  


It's time to do it again this week! 

{Remember-  these are children from Alabama, but families from ANY state can adopt them! That's why ANYONE can share this, no matter where you live!}

Meet Cody and Joey. . .

Cody, born November 1996, is an outgoing young man who is very friendly. Cody loves to play basketball. He received special education services at school. He does not like school, but did well when in a structured environment. Cody is very helpful. He loves electronics, and listening to rap music. 

Joey, born December 1999, is an avid Crimson Tide fan. He loves to rap, draw and play sports. He considers himself a good friend. Joey receives special services at school and does better with individualized attention. He needs a home with structure and consistency. Joey's favorite class at school is his vocational class. He loves to build things. 

Cody & Joey have a supportive relationship and they long to be together in a family of their own. They come from a sibling group of 5 and they are the last two in foster care.

Please head over to Heart Gallery Alabama to see more pictures and a video of these two amazing brothers here.  

If you are interested in learning more about this organization or  other waiting children in Alabama, please click here.  

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