Thursday, November 15, 2012

So Much Good in One Day

Yesterday was a big day! 

My beautiful sister popped out her third little half-caucasian/half-asian sensation.  

Are they not the cutest family????

Welcome to the world, Landon David! Aunt Leslie will be there next week to give you plenty of smooches! 

To add to an already great day, I got a phone call last night from our facilitator that we have our Tyson's passport. (A few weeks early than anticipated!) 

Next, we've got to schedule our embassy appointment for him.  Once that is done, and our lawyer has attended the embassy appointment, then Tyson's visa is issued a few weeks later, and we are good to go!  Hoping to travel in 7-8 weeks!!!!! 

With travel to DRC quickly approaching, we are in full-swing of raising funds for those expenses.  A bloggy friend (bliend) and fellow adoptive parent from Atlanta has offered to help us with a great fundraiser for the Christmas season! 

Jessica and her husband made and sold these super-cute ornaments last year when they were fundraising for their own adoption.  This year, they've offered to make them for us and help us sell them!!! 

Check over HERE for the details!  We would love for y'all to share this fundraiser with your friends and family! 

*I've added a paypal button to the top right of my blog if you live out of town and would like to order the ornaments!

*If you live in town, we'll have ornaments to sell here. If you would like a set, send me a message or email me, so we know how many to have available! 

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