Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bandit. The Most Expensive Free Dog.

A year ago, I decided that Knox, our goofy, lovable, and extremely bored black lab, needed a buddy. 

We were finishing up foster care classes and expecting that we'd focus on doing short-term respite care. 

While waiting for a referral in our adoption, we thought it would be the perfect time to add another four-legged member to our family with no immediate placement in the future months. 

Enter Bandit.

Through a random connection, I met a woman who had a sweet puppy that she had found wandering and couldn't keep.  She sent us some pictures and he looked quirky enough to fit in just fine with our family.  

We talked it over with Knox and he licked us.   We had approval. 

I drove halfway between Montgomery and Mobile to meet her and pick him up.  Brought him home, let him loose in the backyard with Knox and immediately, they were best buds. 

We thought we had hit the jack-pot.  

Free dog.  

Best buddies.  

Easy Peasy. 

Til a week later, when Bandit and Knox went missing from our backyard and just about gave me a heart attack. 

Three hours later, a local vet called to say they had checked the microchip of a really big, black lab and he was ours.  And by the way, he had a scrawny, yellow mutt there too, did I know anything about him???? 

Bandit apparently had some stealth moves and had kicked out the fence board and proceeded to convince Knox to wiggle his fat butt through the fence to head out for some shenanigans.  

The people who found them in the next neighborhood over said Knox had been swimming in the pool. 

I'm sure Bandit had convinced him that was a good idea too.

So, in went an electric fence.  

Not so free anymore. 

It's a good thing he's so cute, that Bandit. 

Good ol' snarly face also decided he needed to redo some of our furniture and woodwork.  

One new windowsill later..... Bandit was getting a little expensive. 

In all fairness, poor Bandit was still trying to adjust to being wrestled to the ground on an hourly basis by an 80lb black lab, so it was a little much for him when only two weeks after we brought him home, we brought home a 7lb. baby boy that squeaked and cried and pooped and took all of our attention.  

Oopsie. Thought we were only doing respite foster care.  

Sorry for the major life change, Bandit. 

But, he really does love our sweet Baby J, and he is very gentle with him.  At least when he isn't running and hiding from Baby J coming after him with his push toy. 

Happy 1st Anniversary to our neurotically spastic, snaggletooth snarling, passing gas that smells like rotten eggs every five minutes, sweetie pie dog.  

We love you, Bandit! 

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