Monday, September 17, 2012

A Very Important Vote

This past weekend, I hung out with about 800 other people at the Together for Adoption Conference. 

It was good, good stuff. 

I went to practical seminars about fostering and transracial adoption and heard great ideas about how to expand our vision for our ONEfamily orphan care ministry at church. 

What was the most fun, however, was connecting with some of the families I've "met" through the blog world.  

Since starting the blog in December of 2010, I've connected to families from across the world who are fostering or adopting or who just read the blog.  

Most of them I've never met in person, yet, we've exchanged emails and facebooked with one another. We've followed each others journeys and rejoiced with each other and hurt for one another in this crazy ride of adoption/foster care. 

This past weekend, blog world collided with the real world when I met a few of my blog friends in person for the first time.  

Though still slightly awkward upon the initial meeting,  it went a lot smoother than the bazillion blind dates I went on in my 20's.

I think this new friendship deserves a special kind of name. 

Let's take a vote. 







Other suggestions? 

Let's come to a consensus on this and then take it worldwide.  

**Be on the lookout for another installment on the differences in The North and The South.  I wrote my first post about it here.  

I'm currently doing research for the next installment.  Stay tuned! 

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  1. Definitely Bliends - and not slightly awkward at all, girlfriend!