Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The latest.

In hindsight, I maybe most definitely should have informed my husband that I wrote a blog post that would result in a barrage of phone calls, texts, and emails of friends checking in on us.  

We are ok, I puh-romise. 

Actually, we are good! Really good. 

Here's what I can tell you: 

We do not have a new foster child.  Still have our little guy- and it's been eight months since he entered our lives! We have loved every minute of it and are cherishing each day we have with him.  

We also did not get a referral for our DRC adoption. 

I know.  It's a bummer. 

We are still very happy with our agency and know that they are doing everything they can do to make sure adoptions are done ethically and in the best interests of the children in the DRC.  

But there is no end in sight.  And that can be a little wearing on us at times. 

Thanks for the facebook messages, emails, texts, and calls making sure we are okay.  

We're good.  We've got a peace about our recent decision.  

And life is crazy as usual.  :) 


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