Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thankful for the Village

Some of the families from our training class are in the process of transitioning their foster children back to biological families.  

And it is hard

These families have done exactly what these children needed.  They loved them, snuggled them, fed them, kissed them goodnight, and read them stories. 

They have bonded to them.  Those children have become intertwined as a part of their family. 

They have sacrificed their own feelings and put aside their fear of loss in order so that these small ones could learn what it means to have a healthy attachment to a caregiver.

This is where foster care is heartbreaking. 

This is the reason many people say no to foster care.  

This is the reason we said no to fostering for so long.  

For me, that changed a year ago because of one, simple sentence.  You can read about it here.  

But in the midst of the hard times, I am constantly reminded that we are not alone. 

I am so humbled and thankful for the folks around us that have offered in so many ways to CARE for the foster families in our church.  

A few months ago, two professional photographers who go to our church offered to start taking pictures of the foster children and their families.  We had the first photo shoot a few weeks ago and eight families were photographed.  Though I can't show you our foster kids photos, I'll share the photo of the young man that Brian and I call our son, though it's not legal or by birth. :) 

Photo by Suzanne Williams Photography and Lori Mercer Photography.  All rights reserved. 

Isn't he handsome? God has some great things in store for this young man.   

And isn't this an amazing picture?  Suzanne Williams and Lori Mercer have so graciously and sacrificially given their time and talents to photograph our sweet foster kiddos.  They have spent hours photographing and editing, expecting nothing in return.  

What they have provided is such an incredible gift- a lasting memory for the foster family and a treasure for that child to take with them to document their past, which in all likelihood, they wouldn't otherwise have been given. 

If you are a local family and looking for a photographer, either one of these ladies would do a phenomenal job!!! 

If you are reading this and have even an ounce of photographic ability, please consider this opportunity to minister to the foster families around you! 

And what about the rest of you? Can't take a picture that's actually in focus? No worries- there are plenty of other ways! 

*Provide a meal for a family that just took in a foster child.  (Can't cook? Order them a pizza!)

*Babysit a foster child for a few hours for free so the parents can have a date night.  (Don't babysit? Then offer to hire one for them for a few hours.) 

*Donate your used baby/children's items to a foster family.  (Already got rid of your kid's stuff? Then donate some baby wipes or diapers!)

*Don't have the resources to do all this?  Then commit to praying daily for a foster family.  What a GIFT that is to them.  

There are so many ways that you can play a small role that has a LARGE impact in the lives of foster families.  

Fostering a child takes a village.  These children NEED to know they are valued and wanted.  It takes time, effort, patience, and stability.  

Helping a foster family will give you a renewed perspective on your family, your life, and what you have been given.  

It WILL open your eyes, it will break your heart, and I pray that it will encourage you to jump in even further.  

Those of us swimming in the deep end would welcome you with open arms. :) 

*If you are a family that is interested in becoming a foster or respite care family and live in the Montgomery Area, please join us August 1st at 6pm at Frazer UMC for Foster Care Q&A night.  Learn more about the process and gain insight from families that are currently fostering.  


  1. What a great reminder! The deep end can be lonely, can't it?

    1. Yes! But it shouldn't be and doesn't have to be! Praying that pretty soon we'll have a pool full of people. :)

  2. I love this post! Once again, right on time :)