Monday, April 16, 2012

The Laundry Can Wait.

Today was one of those days where not one thing I had planned on doing got accomplished.  Our little guy has a cold and had no plans of taking his daily long afternoon nap.  At least not in his crib.  Instead, I spent four hours holding him, which was not how I intended to spend my afternoon.  I had laundry to do, dishes to finish,  a house to clean and a bazillion emails to send.  

But as I was sitting on the couch, with that little cutie snuggled in my arms, suddenly my to-do's went away....  

And I was left looking at a pair of big brown eyes staring back at me, a perfect nose, and a toothless mouth full of coos and squeals.  

What a reminder to cherish each second with this precious gift.  

For our family, it's a bittersweet reality that we are NOT promised tomorrow with him.  Though we are given timeframes and estimations, he could be moved at any point and it will be over. 

Instead of worrying about what I needed to get accomplished on my never-ending list and instead of focusing on his future--- what he should be doing developmentally in three more months, or how he compares to other babies his age, or when he'll start walking..... I'm enjoying him today.  

*How he's extremely ticklish and his great belly laughs prove it. 

*His little head turning at the sound of our voices. 

*The way he grabs his feet with his hands and is just about to roll over. 

*How he sleeps sprawled in his crib with his hands above his head. 

He is a precious, perfect gift.  Though he is not technically "ours," he has our hearts.  He's teaching me to be thankful for the time that I am given each day and to cherish every minute I have with him.  

One day, Brian and I will have children permanently in our home, through adoption, biologically, or even our little one we have now-  and I pray I will continue to view them as a daily gift and not a burden.  

And as a mom who currently has one child she loves that is not promised to her, I challenge you to be present and cognizant of each day you are given with the children in your life who have been entrusted and promised for a lifetime to you.  

Even if that baby hasn't slept through the night, or your seven year old won't quit whining, or your fourteen year old refuses to clean up their room-  cherish each day with the gifts in your home.  

Cherish who they are today.  Not who they should be or what you want them or hope for them to be in the coming years and months.  Quit comparing them to your neighbors kids or their classmates.  Love them right where they are and celebrate the little things that today brings.  

The laundry can wait.


  1. That little boy absolutely loves you...I have to remind myself constantly that the house can wait, the laundry can wait, cooking can wait-They are only babies for one short year and you never get that time back...Hold him close and give him all the love and hugs and kisses that you can...the house can wait (or make Brian do it haha)

  2. Amen and amen and amen and amen and....uhhhh....AMEN! Thanks for the reminder this morning sweet friend!

  3. I needed this yesterday, but today will do! Thanks for the reminder. Hope yall are doing well!