Sunday, May 22, 2011


We've had a few things to celebrate the last few days! 

1. Biometric Fingerprints. Completed!

What are Biometric Fingerprints?  I've got no idea.  Neither did the lady who did my fingerprints.

All I know is that they're being processed and on their way to U.S. Immigration.

We're hoping to have our I600a approval in the next two to three weeks. After that, our dossier will head to  our agency and we're on the wait list for a referral!

2.  Another Word Wedding! 

My sister-in-law Amanda married her perfect match, Ben, this weekend.  They were married in their backyard.  Yes, this is their backyard.

Beautiful setting and sweet wedding.  We love, love, love the new addition to our family! And I mean Ben, not the lakehouse and boat he brings to the table.  Though I'm not complaining about those either.

The handsome Word men

Ever wear the same thing as the bridesmaids in a wedding? neither...

Hope you found some things to celebrate this weekend too! 

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