Sunday, April 17, 2011

DOING something

A few months ago I wrote about a post about DOING something, anything, in the realm of orphan care.  I just had to share something that came out of that post...

In the post, I wrote about the organization SixtyFeet,  currently serving in Uganda.  They are ministering to children that are held in "remand centers," which are basically prisons for children who have been abandoned or given up by their parents.  There is much to be done for these children, as they sleep on the concrete floors, eat one meal a day (at most), and suffer daily with unclean water and widespread  disease and infections.

Because SixtyFeet knows that not everyone has the ability to be on the ground in Uganda with the children, they thought of an amazing way for families, including those with small children to be a part of caring for the Orphan.  On April 16th they hosted a nationwide Cupcake Sale.  Anyone, anywhere, was invited to participate.

Leesa, a friend of mine from my Messiah College days, (go Falcons!) read the post and really connected with what SixtyFeet is doing in Uganda.  So she decided to DO something.

She and some other friends hosted a SixtyFeet cupcake party- take a look here to see what they did.  In one day they raised $1200 for SixtyFeet!!!!   That's enough to provide ten beds and ten blankets for children in these centers.   Amazing.

Over $28, 618 was raised in one day across the country through cupcake sales.  Don't think that you can DO anything? I beg to differ.

Sad that you missed out on the cupcake sale? You can still help SixtyFeet by "virtually" buying a cupcake here.

On another note....

Do you live in Alabama? I've got an awesome opportunity for you to DO something for foster care children.

Summer is coming up and everyone in Alabama knows that the only place you want to be when it's 120 degrees and 150% humidity is in the swimming pool.

For the thousands of kids in foster care, that a activity that isn't always easy, for a simple fact- most of these kids don't come to their foster homes with many, if any, personal items.  Bathing suits aren't normally a personal item that they get to take with them.  Big House Foundation wants to DO something for these foster children in Alabama by giving them something personal, a brand-new bathing suit and towel with their name monogrammed on it.  Click here to see how you can help.

***If you live in the Montgomery area, please bring your suits and towels to First Baptist Church and leave them at the reception desk by May 1st.  Any size from infant to size 16.  For girls suits, please give a one-piece or tankini.

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