Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Challenge

I want to share two books that I think are worth reading..... 

A book that defines adoption and delves into the biblical theology of why we need to understand the importance of adoption.  It's thought-provoking, eloquently written, and a must read for anyone considering adoption or already in the process. 

Orphanology is a recently published book about the call to the church to care for the orphan. The authors, Morton and Merida, give practical direction to how to implement this in churches and in your individual life.  Both men have adopted children internationally and have thriving adoptive ministries in their respective churches.  It's a must read for churches starting adoption/orphan care ministries, individuals wondering how they can do more, or families that are considering adoption.  

If you're at the place where you not sure whether adoption is for your family-  I challenge you to read one of these books.

If you've thought about starting an adoption ministry at your church, but question whether you're qualified to do it- I challenge you to read Orphanology.

If you have never, ever thought about adoption-- I challenge you to read Adopted for Life.  

These are books that truly challenged my thinking and encouraged me to do something. 

And I want to challenge you because I know some of you are where I've been the past few months. Wanting to do more and feeling totally inadequate to do anything.  For about a year, God has been formulating some things on my heart about creating a community in our church that supports families that are adopting or fostering children and truly cares for the orphan. 

 For a long time, I wanted someone else to do something about it.  

The reason? Because I don't have kids yet, which makes me totally ill-equipped to tell other people that they should adopt or foster. 

Yet, God still kept calling me to do something. 

And I still said nope.  No way. 

And then... I finally said okay. But if this thing tanks, it's all on you God. 

I guess that's the way it should be though.  He's in control, He's got a plan, and we are to be the hands and feet of that plan.  I'm ill-equipped, but He is sovereign.  

I've joined up with a few other folks to start something at our church.  Big things are happening and we can't wait to see what God is going to do in our church to reach the orphan. 

For you Frazer folks, May 11th is our ONEfamily launch. 

Adoption, Foster Care, Orphan Care. 

We're about to start doing something.  And it's scary and exciting. 

So what about you? 

Is it time to do something? 

What's God been challenging to you to do that you've been ignoring? 

I can't wait to hear about it! 


  1. Ok, I need orpanology, and I would love for you to come and talk to our little group and share what God is doing in your group!

  2. ooooh! I heard about this book on the radio the other day! I dont think it's a "coincidence" that you mentioned it on your blog. ;) And is the dinner open to all church members?

  3. Thanks - my husband is in DRC now meeting our son! I've been praying about an orphan care ministry at our church, so I just ordered orphanology on amazon.com - I enjoyed Adopted For Life but was concerned about how far he takes the analogy of our spiritual adoption - yes, we want to separate from all of our former life of sin and darkness, but we don't want to separate our adopted kids completely from their former life/identity - the author doesn't make this distinction clearly and some adult adoptee friends of mine found it offensive and misleading. But besides that, I love how he emphasizes the Biblical mandates and parallels and it gave me a deep sense that God has already adopted our son - we're just joining him in reflecting that adoption here in a physical way. Gives me confidence that we're not doing this on our own! Blessings as you wait!