Monday, January 4, 2016

The Nunes Family- Costa Rica Adoption

Happy New Year! Each month, I'm sharing about adoption by highlighting a family in the process. If you are just joining us, scroll back through to meet other families doing international, domestic, and embryo adoption. 

As you read, remember that this is just ONE piece of the adoption triad. Adoptive families, adoptees, and birth families all need to have a voice in this journey. 

I had someone ask me a great question yesterday. If I were to tell my pre-adoptive self one thing. . . what would it be?   

Without hesitation, I know it would be to LISTEN more and to have talked less. 

So, if I can encourage you. . . 
Listen to all the voices involved in adoption. Listen without responding or debating. Put the "welcome home videos" and adoptive family pictures to the side, and instead reach out and learn from those families. Find avenues where you can listen to the voice of the adoptee.  Pray and reflect over what you learn. Be open to the reality and possible outcomes.  Ask hard questions and prepare for honest, raw answers. 

This month, I'm excited to introduce you to the Nunes Family! Ben and Kim are in the process of adopting from Costa Rica. I asked them to share a little bit about their story and journey of adoption.

1. Share a little about your family and what led you to adoption, specifically Costa Rica: 
We have three biological children, ages 15, 12, and 7. About six years ago, we felt a tug on our heart to do for one child which we wanted to do for so many other, adopt. But, we never felt called to a specific country. We served on several Central and South American country mission trips but never felt the connection to any of them that we did with Costa Rica. Kim and I fell in love with the land, the culture, and the people

2. What is the process to adopt from Costa Rica? How did you choose your agency? 
We chose Lifeline Children Services as our adoption agency because of their reputation and staff. We have felt nothing but loved and cared for by each person on their team. We completed our first of the process and are about to wrap up our home study by the end of the week. We hope to complete the rest of the process in six month and then we will wait for a referral.  Most of the available children for adoption in Costa Rica are above the age of seven or are sibling groups of three or more children. 

3. What are you learning in the process? 
Kim has learned that much of her childhood trauma, healing and strength from the Lord has been preparing her for this moment. She knows the struggles will be greatly different and yet somewhat the same. Kim has learned that God will always be bigger than she can imagine and his grace is endless. 

4. How will you continue to celebrate and emphasize your child's heritage once they are in your family? 
It just so happens that our sister-in-law was born and raised in Costa Rica! Although her and her family live in California, we are all very close and look forward to learning about her heritage from her and finding local places in our city to celebrate where they are from. 

5. What are some ways that people who are not going to adopt can still play a role in the life of an adoptive family? 
We would ask that those reading our story would please keep us in their prayers. Prayer for wisdom, patience and faith. We know this the Lord's plan for our family and are confident we'll get there. At times, the amount of money it will require is paralyzing, but we know our God can do it. While we are able to contribute our own money to the adoption, we would love to invite any of you that feel called to support us to do so through our donation site:

This month, I'll be donating 20% of the profit from my Rodan + Field business to the Nunes family adoption.  If you are interested in learning more, leave a comment below or feel free to email me at leslieharris77(at)gmail(dot)com. 


  1. YAY Nunes family! This family is amazing and their friendship means the world to me. I will continue to pray for them throughout this journey. I know God has their 4th (and maybe 5th!) child already chosen for them and I can't wait to meet him/her/them. :-)

  2. Dios les agradece cada paso cada ocasión de demostrar su amor por el projimo... bendiciones familia nunes...