Thursday, August 21, 2014

Questioning, Dreaming, and Launching

I'm a questioner.  That's probably not a word, but let's go with it. That's also a nice way of saying I'm a skeptic.

Before I agree to take part in an event, join a group, try something new, I question it, flip it over, turn it inside out, and examine the heck out of it.

I want to know where my money goes when I give. I want to understand the WHY behind how an organization works and operates.

I'm sure this is an endearing trait for those that have to deal with me. Or not.

Let me share a little story. 

This is my good friend, Robin.  (back when I was blond, we could have passed as sisters. Am I right???)

About a year ago, she started posting some pics of herself on Facebook.  No, not selfies, but more of some before and afters of her face. The reason I took notice was because we have really similar skin issues, (pale/freckled/prone to breakouts).  She had started using a product and actually was seeing her skin heal quickly.

I've been to plenty of dermatologists over the years and every time they prescribed something, I'd try it and never see any change.  And hello, why the heck was I still breaking out at 30???? I thought that was supposed to end the moment I left high school.  Such a letdown. And I'm not even going to go into the sun damage issues I'm now seeing on my skin...

Back to the pictures. I was intrigued, but let's be honest, with two toddlers running around, the last thing I thought I had time to focus on was me.  At this point in life, it's about quick, easy, and low-cost.  I dye my own hair out of box, shop the sale rack at Target , and buy dollar iced teas at McDonalds.

Because of that, I put off asking Robin about what she was using. But, here's the funny thing. My face kept getting all up in my business.  Every time I looked in the mirror, another brown spot would be waving at me, wrinkles were multiplying like rabbits, and those pesky pimples would keep popping up.  

I called Robin.

We talked and she told me about what she was using, a product called Unblemish from Rodan and Fields. I was skeptical. (Shocker). So I researched the company, the brand, and the product.  The more I read and learned, the more excited I got about the product and also the opportunity to even get behind the company.

Since moving to Asheville six months ago, I've become a full-time stay at home mom.  It's been SO needed for our family, and has given me uninteruppted time to invest in building stronger attachments with my boys.  It's also been the hardest dang thing I've ever done.  (Can I get an amen?)

While I've cherished this time I've had over the past months, I've also felt lost at moments, because there is a strong part of me that misses working outside the home. (There, I said it.)

There is also a HUGE part of me that has wanted to be able to do more in terms of advocating and helping families who are adopting.  Our journey to adopting Tyson was filled with friends, acquaintances, and even strangers stepping up and helping us raise the funds needed to bring him home. It was one of the biggest blessings of our lives.  I have been yearning to find an avenue in which I could minister to families in that same way.  

If you know me in "real life," you know that I'm not naturally a salesperson.  I'm not about gimmicks.  I am about sharing what I believe in, and if you've followed along the blog for even a little while, I'm normally talking about adoption, faith, and family.  

I'm taking a leap and sharing this with y'all because I am that confident in this company.  I truly believe in the way this product works and will be beneficial so many people. 

After months of dreaming and questioning and praying, I'm incredibly excited to announce that I am launching a new business as a Rodan + Fields consultant!  

Each month, 20% of my profits will be donated to a different family in the adoption process.  

I can't wait to get this ball rolling, so lets get this 
started off with a little giveaway!!!

Do you have a face? Skin? Perfect! You can play!

No strings. Five minutes. Learn more about which Rodan and Fields products can work for you.

Head over here and take a quick skin care analysis. Important: Finish the survey all the way to the end and enter your name/email.  You're entered to win the Multi-Function Eye Cream from the Redefine Regime! 

Have a friend that you think would be interested? Share this link on your facebook page or twitter and you'll receive another entry.  (Let me know by commenting below if you shared on social media.)

I'll pick a winner on Sunday Night at 8pm! 

Whether it's pesky wrinkles, sun damage, acne and blemishes, or sensitive skin like Rosacea and Eczema, these are products that can bring relief and healing to men and women.

We've all got one face to walk through life with - the question is what are you going to use to care for it? 

If you're a natural skeptic like me and have questions about the products or the company, shoot me an email at leslieharris77 (at) gmail (dot) com. Would love to chat more. 

If you are considering adopting or already an adoptive parent, I'd love to talk with you about some things I'm dreaming for this business.  Please email me.

Let's launch this thing! 


  1. Shared on Facebook. Blessings on your new adventure!