Friday, August 8, 2014

Musings of a Hormonally-Imbalanced Pregnant Mom of Toddlers.

Oh, how I've missed writing.  

There are thoughts, (lots of them), swirling around in my head, but I just can't seem to formulate anything of substance these days. 

Perhaps, I'll blame it on the 2 pound, 14-ouncer who is currently holding my brain cells and ability to sleep for ransom.  She's a feisty one, this baby Word, and she's doing a number on her mama's rib cage and her ability to form complete thoughts. 

If it's two syllables and above an eighth grade vocabulary level, chances are, the word has exited my brain.  I've resorted to a type of charades when trying to get a point across to Brian because the words just won't come... and obviously, that kind of nonsense doesn't translate well to a blog post. 

Or maybe I'll blame it on my two, two-year olds who make up 90% of my interactions on a daily basis. The extent of my conversations throughout the day go something like this: 

Me: Jayden, do you need to pee-pee in the potty? 

Jayden: Me no want to. 

Me: I didn't ask if you wanted to, son, do you NEED to. You may not pee-pee in your underwear. 

Jayden: Me no pee-pee in my undawear.  Me no touch my poopy. Me no put poopy on my head.  

Me: Thank you for not touching your poop.  Let's try and go potty.  

And then there is the endless round of "Wheels on the Bus" that I am asked to sing ALL. THE. LIVELONG. DAY.  It's the extra lengthy, unedited version, which includes a separate verse about every single person in our extended family, various construction vehicles, and random farm animals.  

With a reduced vocabulary that revolves around snack time, going the potty, and phrases like, "don't sit on your brother's head," I'm limited in what I can write these days. 

But, let's not forget the hormones.  Ohhhhhhh, the hormones.  SO. MANY. FEELINGS.  Most are not good and rather ugly.  And I hesitate to write some days, because I'm afraid I'll look back five months from now and cringe at the hormonal rantings of a deranged woman in her third trimester. 

For now, the title of my blog rings scarily true, once again, as I'm waiting on a word, (or a bunch of words that when strung together make complete thoughts and full sentences.) 

Until then, I'll leave you with some pictures of our summer. Because who can resist super cute two-year olds? 


Jayden is our baby-whisperer... he LOVES all little ones and is so gentle.  
Let's hope the trend continues when baby sister arrives! 

Tyson turned two and seemingly got even cuter overnight. 

Miracle. Everyone was looking at the camera.  

Need to give Little Miss Thing her photo-op too. 
Making her appearance hopefully no earlier than October. :) 

And someone please confirm, the fully-functioning brain cells will come back after she's born.  Right? Right? 


  1. No, it will get worse. When the baby exits the womb the brain exits, too. Mine are 6, 5, & 3 & I'm still waiting on the day my mind returns to "normal". My OB/Gyn promised it would happen.

  2. Yes ma'am it shall return! Happy belated birthday Tyson! Love you. You look beautiful Leslie!!!

  3. I have some coworkers who don't believe pregnancy brain is a thing. (Note: they've never been pregnant). I beg to differ. I'm usually a very organized person who never forgets anything and I'm usually very on top of things at home and work. Since becoming pregnant, I forget everything. I don't care about housework. I work because I have to. I've messed up the last few meals I cooked because I left out ingredients. Whoops... I can't imagine doing this on top of having two toddlers. :)