Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Merry Laid-Back Christmas

We made the decision a few years ago that we would wake up Christmas morning in our own home. The following week may be spent traveling to see our extended families along the East Coast, but that morning would be a time preserved for our little tribe. 

Last year, Christmas ended up being a flurry of packing and planning, as we prepared to fly to the Congo the following morning.  So, we were very content to have no plans and no agenda yesterday, other than to spend time together. 

We kept it simple, just a few gifts each and monkey bread, which is a must-have for every holiday.  The rest of the day consisted of playing with new toys, napping, and eating. Everyone stayed in their pajamas.  It was glorious! 

Toddlers in footed pajamas equals adorableness. 

Buttery, sugary, cinnamony perfection.

Knox and Bandit getting their Christmas presents- which Bandit promptly went 
and buried in one of his 7,000 holes in the backyard. 

Christmas morning smooches. 
 (FYI- Contrary to what this pic is showing, I do not have bright red hair.) 

J-man's third Christmas with us!!!  

Nothing makes a teenager happier than a gift card that involves music. 

So much for a white Christmas. Oh well- let's run! 

Looking super cute while trying out his new toy.

Did I mention he is super cute? 

Our favorite Christmas tradition- looking through our Family Photo Album from the past year. Blessed beyond measure. 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, full of your cherished traditions and favorite people!  

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